Andrew Hreha: candidacy in communication

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The Yellow Jacket’s own Executive Editor Andrew Hreha, journalism major with a political science minor, has been awarded the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s nomination to represent PA’s House District 60. 

Hreha explained how this came to fruition.

“That’s kind of a long story, I would not be in this position if not for COVID-19. Last January, I got an internship with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the media relations department. It was going to be my internship for the required course in the Department of Communication,” Hreha said. “Then, COVID happened, and the internship was canceled. I found myself the summer before my senior year without an internship. Around that same time, my political outlook was becoming more and more Libertarian. I started watching guys like Larry Sharpe, a libertarian activist and hearing the libertarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic in this country. And I really started to embrace Libertarian a lot more,” Hreha explained.

The pandemic set a new standard for Hreha as he began his journey to the Libertarian Party. 

“I joined the state party,” Hreha said. “While I was at it, I figured ‘I need an internship’ I wonder if they do anything.”

Hreha proposed his internship to the state board of the party and was approved as their first intern.

“Through that, I got a lot more involved with the party. I re-affiliated Armstrong County, which is my home county, I re-affiliated them with the LPPA [Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania] and became the chair of our affiliate committee.” 

Hreha touched on the party’s ideas to grow in Armstrong county and statewide and what ideas they have to do so. 

“When this opened up, we are a young affiliate right now sitting at three registered members in the county. We have been looking at ideas on how to grow the county party and the state party overall, and one of the best ways to do that is by running candidates,” Hreha said. “The district I am running for badly needs a message of individual liberty right now with the pandemic and how many small businesses have been affected, and I like my shot of winning.”

The Libertarian Party is not necessarily a popular party in the United States. Hreha said his plan is to educate his county on the party and what his plans are for growing himself as a candidate.

“It is difficult because people that do not follow the party or just know what the Libertarian party is have a very limited understanding of the party and the philosophy,” Hreha said. “The main part of it is that the party is so different from the Republicans and Democrats because the Libertarian party’s entire platform is based in the philosophy of Libertarianism. There is no Republicanism or Democratism that is not a philosophy that is mainly a political party.

The Libertarian party has always stood for individual freedom.”

He is also involved in Waynesburg’s Student Senate, standing as the secretary. Social Vice President Isaiah Skeete spoke on working with Hreha on the Student Senate and his new position as candidate.

“I am so happy for Drew. I worked on the senate with him for two years now, and I am sure that he will do great things in this new position,” he said. “ Student Senate here at Waynesburg gives a great opportunity to show what students can do to make a difference here on campus and working with Drew has showed me what he can do now for his new candidacy.” 

In his spotlight article on , he states what a message a vote for him will send to the state capital..

“Your vote for me sends a message to Harrisburg that we will no longer settle for the status quo of growing government and less individual liberty. The General Assembly needs a fresh face that can work with both sides of the aisle to ensure a transfer of power back into the hands of the people.”

Hreha’s campaign website,, shows everything you need to know about his views and ideas and how you can support his running.

“Especially with COVID-19 still very much present, we are knocking a bunch of doors in the district, trying to reach every voter and talk to every voter. We are also putting a heavy focus on social media and online, all of my campaign stuff can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @AMH4LIBERTY and is the campaign website,” Hreha said. “For those that do not know me, you can learn about myself, my policy stances, what I am running on and why I want to win this race and what I want to do when I get to Harrisburg.”