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Voices of WU: Students spring to action on break

Spring break can be a helpful rest from school work and classes, or it can present an opportunity to attend special events or service trips. Students at Waynesburg University did a variety of things over that week away from school. A poll of 65 Waynesburg students showed that spring break was not only a restful … Continue reading

Student musicians perform during prestigious festival

The students involved in the Waynesburg University symphonic band enjoy demonstrating their talents.  Although they often have the chance to show that talent on campus, it’s rare for them to play with students from many other colleges in one large group. During the final weekend of spring break, four band students got the chance to … Continue reading

Students react to WU’s Got Talent

One of the most exciting and well-attended events at Waynesburg University each year is WU’s Got Talent. The event is based off the popular television program, “America’s Got Talent.” This past Friday, the Goodwin Performing Arts Center was packed full of students, overnight prospective students and parents. Many of the attendees were surveyed to discover … Continue reading

Do not dwell on your outward beauty

Fashion magazines are an example of a current cultural medium that influences girls and women to present themselves in ways the culture deems beautiful. So many of us are looking for acceptance, and what’s “accepted” for women in our culture today heavily involves the way we look – the way our faces look, the way … Continue reading

Voices of WU: Students have Valentine’s Day fun

Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated by those who have a significant other to spend the day with. At least, not at Waynesburg University. According to a survey of 50 students, couples and singles alike all enjoyed themselves  in different ways. Most of those surveyed who had a significant other on campus with available time … Continue reading

Schools consider four-day school week for 2020

Due to the rise in costs for school districts over the years, public schools in the area have been searching for ways to save without hindering the quality of education. The Jefferson-Morgan and McGuffey school districts are exploring different ways of accomplishing that goal, possibly increasing other school benefits along the way. The two school … Continue reading

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WU students choose Snapchat first

“I use Snapchat for its convenience.” This was a common answer when half of 50 surveyed students on Waynesburg University’s campus explained why they prefer to use Snapchat over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 28 percent of the surveyed students preferred Instagram, 12 percent preferred Facebook and only 10 percent preferred Twitter. The other 50 percent … Continue reading

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