Masters of Mickey Mouse

Students try Disney trivia

Disney fans gathered in the Beehive Saturday, Jan. 28, and utilized mind games and trickery to win and claim the title of Disney film masters according to Heidi Dziak, sophomore accounting major. To help advance their goal of victory, during the rounds participants, organized in teams of four, called out for clarification on questions and attempted intimidation tactics by yelling out obvious wrong answers according to Dziak.

The Disney questions focused on classic films from the studios, such as Mulan, Bambi and the more modern Frozen, and less of their newly obtained Star Wars franchise.

For the most part, the early questions were no challenge according to Sarah Knisely, a freshman secondary education major.

“I don’t think they’re too hard yet,” said Knisely during the competition.

The freshman attendees lacked the potential advantage of the older competitors who may have been young enough to see some of their modern films in theatres. During the challenge, Marco Herrera a freshman athletic training major, remained confident.

“So far I’ve known every answer,” said Herrera. “It’s only round two and it’s only going to get harder so we’ll see how it goes.”

The teams were enticed by the prizes, which included gift baskets. The competition consisted of three rounds composed of ten questions, and competitors’ phones were put away to ensure a fair game.

Those in attendance were not all competing for the prizes and testing their Disney knowledge, some attendees were there supporting their friends on teams.

“We are friends,” said Elinore Loch, a senior chemistry major, “they’re playing so we came out to support them.”

The event, which was organized by members of the Student Advisory Board, also featured snacks and refreshments for those competing and their friends.

“Our good friend here, Allie, loves Disney so we wanted to come out and play some trivia,” said Brooke Kusniar, a freshman nursing major.

The Disney movie theme provided a nostalgic look into many childhood films, and allowed Herrera the opportunity to reminisce.

“I watch a lot of Disney and I have a lot of friends that like Disney so I thought it be a good chance to win at something real,” said Herrera, “I watched all the movies, this is what I grew up with.”

Connor Hoffman, a sophomore youth ministry major, was “very confident” asking for clarification on minute details of questions to get more insight on a topic. To Hoffman,

“I love Disney and I know a lot of pop culture knowledge,” said Hoffman,” so I want it going to good use.”