Students react to WU’s Got Talent

One of the most exciting and well-attended events at Waynesburg University each year is WU’s Got Talent. The event is based off the popular television program, “America’s Got Talent.”

This past Friday, the Goodwin Performing Arts Center was packed full of students, overnight prospective students and parents.

Many of the attendees were surveyed to discover why the event is so popular. Many of the students replied they enjoyed the event for its humorous content.

A few of the humorous parts of the show that students especially enjoyed were the silly introduction video, the host personalities and a few of the competing acts.

One of those acts included junior Nick Burgess’ and Nathan Blake’s magic and gymnastics skit, which started the night off.

In the gymnastics skit, Burgess’ arms were arranged to look like Blake’s legs , as Blake did all sorts of “extraordinary moves” with them. Burgess hid the rest of his body behind a table to make it look like him and Blake were one person.

“I thought it was hysterical,” sophomore Andrew Hreha said. “Most the people around me didn’t realize that they [Burgess’ arms] were supposed to be legs in the first act.”

Junior Connor Hoffman’s humorous poem readings received second place in the show.

“I really enjoyed Connor’s [poem reading],” Morgan Long said. “He made me laugh so hard.”

On a campus where time is stretched and student life can be extremely busy and stressful, many expressed it’s nice to break up that monotony with events such as WU’s Got Talent.

Other students who were surveyed preferred the less humorous talent, who displayed their skillful aptitudes with style on the stage. One of those acts was a baton-twirling routine, presented by sophomore Madison Walker.

Although Hoffman hopes people enjoyed his act in the show, he added he was “really impressed” by Walker’s performance.

“I think that took a lot of skill and was just super impressive,” Hoffman said.

Junior Rebecca Fremd said she hopes there will be more active acts like Walker’s in the future.

“I really thought the baton twirler was amazing,” Fremd said. “It was really exciting to watch. I hope next year has more active stuff like that to watch.”

Many of the students also commented on how the hosts of the show, freshman James Gallucci and senior Megan Cook, made the show more enjoyable to watch.

Most of the students who attended, however, thought the most amazing act of the night was the piano and vocal duet performed by sweethearts Andrea Mellinger and Andrew Gordon.

“I liked Andrew and Andrea’s [performance] because they both did an excellent job displaying their talents in a romantic way,” said sophomore Erynne Kubat.

It is no surprise so many students commented on this performance, as Mellinger and Gordon came in first place for this year’s event,  receiving $100 as a prize.