Mattie Winowitch

Executive Editor

Mattie Winowitch currently serves as the Executive Editor of the newspaper, where she oversees the production of the paper from week to week.

The mountains they face

An in-depth look at Waynesburg’s first-generation college students

Casey Zadinski didn’t have a choice in the matter. “When I was growing up, my dad basically told me, ‘You’re going to college,’” she said.   Zadinski, who was raised in a single-parent household, is the first in her family to go to college, qualifying her as a first-generation college student. After getting straight-A’s throughout … Continue reading

Incessant, violent hate needs to stop

It starts with a bang. That’s how most mass shootings start. A loud bang, followed by several more loud bangs, indicative to those nearby that something terrible is taking place. Shortly after, the sirens start. And then the push notifications from news outlets. And then the social media commentaries. And then the Facebook profile picture … Continue reading

Business dept. creates Advisory Board

The Department of Business Administration at Waynesburg University recently created an Advisory Board to set and develop relevant goals for the undergraduate business program. The board, which had its first meeting Oct. 22, is made up of Waynesburg University business alumni ranging from 1950 to 2018. William Stough, assistant professor of Business Administration, said this … Continue reading

The women of Waynesburg

A closer look at the female figures of the university's past, present and future

Residing in the basement of Miller Hall is the Paul R. Stewart Museum, which serves as a collection of artifacts and novelties from Waynesburg University’s rich history. Tucked away behind the museum’s ill-lit corridors of glass-encased exhibits and rustic decor is the Visitor’s Center, also known as the office of Courtney Dennis, the associate director. … Continue reading

Contract created between school, BSN Sports Nike

Over the summer, Waynesburg University created a new five-year agreement with BSN Sports and Nike as the Yellow Jacket’s official apparel sponsor. Through BSN Sports, Nike will serve as the exclusive outfitter for all 20 Yellow Jacket athletic teams. “Waynesburg University is pleased to sign this agreement that strengthens its partnership with BSN Sports,” said … Continue reading

When it rains, it pours

Heavy showers bring floods to campus fields, community

The rain wouldn’t stop. As Hurricane Florence gently brushed against the East Coast this past weekend, the storm clouds gathered in a way that made the rain never seem to stop pouring from the sky. As the drops collected on the ground, roadways in the town of Waynesburg were transformed into Slip n’ Slides and … Continue reading

University prepares for commencement

No more studying. No more group projects. No more Blackboard. On Sunday, May 6, 425 Waynesburg University students will trade years of hard work for a diploma. Of those students, approximately 285 baccalaureate candidates, 135 graduate candidates, and 5 doctoral candidates. The Board of Trustees will formally approve this list on May 5. When their … Continue reading

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