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Executive Editor

Mattie Winowitch currently serves as the Executive Editor of the newspaper, where she oversees the production of the paper from week to week.

Unseasonably cold weather sets back local farm practices

Decline of April temps puts grief on area's growers

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do April snowstorms bring? For farmers in Greene County, it’s stress.  Record-breaking cold temperatures and flurries have raised concerns of those within the agriculture business in Greene County. While snow in April might seem novel to some, for farmers like Jim Cowell, owner of Frosty Springs Farm … Continue reading

March for change

Elementary art program alumna attends March for Our Lives in D.C.

Amy Gartley could hear the crowd from the Metro. Once she got off, she began walking towards the crowds of people forming in downtown Washington, D.C. March 24 for the March for Our Lives, a peaceful protest held mainly in response to the Parkland, Florida shooting. As she moved in closer, she saw the stage … Continue reading

Finding his voice

Autism not stopping Rossi from taking on sports announcing

It was second period when Brandon Rossi lost control. He was a sophomore at West Allegheny High School sitting in English class. His classmates were bullying him during an arts and crafts assignment, calling him names like “ugly” and “useless.” Looking back now, Rossi said he can’t remember if they were trying to be funny … Continue reading

Ryerson State Park to see improvements for Re-Vision project

Renovations to benefit community after lake draining

After years of planning and waiting, Ryerson Station State Park will receive several improvements, as part of an initiative known as, “Re-Vision Ryerson.” These improvements will include a general renovation of the campground and its amenities, a new swimming pool and a spray park. The Re-Vision Ryerson initiative is in direct correlation to the loss … Continue reading

Students demand change to housing regulations

Petition to revise housing constraints receives more than 400 signatures

To satisfy the high number of incoming students for the 2018-19 school year, the housing constraints at Waynesburg University are shifting to increase the number of suite-style triple and quad rooms. Specifically, according to Director of Housing Matt Pioch, the new restraints will mainly be impacting female students, as there will only be a projected … Continue reading

Fine Arts Academy to provide county with art education

The Waynesburg University Fine Arts Department is planning to roll out a new program known as “Fine Arts Academy,” which includes music and art classes. The classes will run from Feb. 10 to April 28. The focus of the academy is to reach out to the entire community of Greene County, and it is intended … Continue reading

The Tide has turned

Student Health comments on Tide Pod Challenge

When it comes to challenges, teenagers have seemingly come up with everything. From competitively choking down a spoonful of cinnamon, to speed-chugging a gallon of milk to see who vomits first, there could not possibly be anything worse…right? Enter the Tide Pod Challenge. The challenge, which involves eating the small colorful pouches of laundry detergent, … Continue reading

University receives $850,000 grant from local foundation

Waynesburg University has received an $850,000 grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation. The grant will go toward a two-year support of the university’s community development efforts, such as service learning opportunities and the expansion of specific graduate programs. According to Stacey Brodak, vice president of Institutional Advancement, Waynesburg has had a long-standing relationship with … Continue reading

Joe’s big break

Sophomore journalism student displays ‘mind-blowing’ passion for baseball in viral video

Joe Smeltzer is 19 years old and still can’t tie his shoes. But if you randomly say any year between 1903 and 2017, the sophomore journalism major will spout off historical baseball facts and statistics like a fire hydrant jetting water after being wrenched open, without even a second of hesitation. These are side effects … Continue reading

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