Stacey Brodak introduced as new VP of Institutional Advancement

Stacey Brodak is the definition of homegrown.

A native of Greene County, Brodak was born and raised in the surrounding Waynesburg area. After graduating from Carmichaels High School, Brodak attended West Virginia University (WVU) for her undergrad in English, and ended up getting her Master of Business Administration back at Waynesburg University.

She began her first career at the Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau where, for 17 years, she grew from a secretary into the executive director.

“I learned a lot of skills through that process because it was like owning my own small business,” Brodak said. “I was responsible for all budgeting and auditing, in addition to managing the team.”

Brodak has also served as the Senior Director of Donor Relations at WVU, as well as the senior advisor for government, community and media relations for Noble Energy, where she managed all aspects of communications and government relations for the company’s Business Unit.

“In all of my different roles, I learned a tremendous amount about stewardship and gained a wide variety of skills and contacts,” Brodak said.

Passionate about serving her community, Brodak has also served as the president of Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and currently serves on the boards of the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association, the Marcellus Shale Coalition and the ARC Human Services Foundation.

All the while, Brodak never lost touch with Waynesburg University.

“I was invited to speak at a former alumna lunch,” Brodak said. “That’s just one example of how the university kept providing opportunities for me. I liked that.”

In 2016, Brodak was invited to work with Waynesburg’s Office of Institutional Advancement and Student Services to help plan for the Class of 2020’s Day of Service. Because one of her tasks in the oil and gas industry was finding strategic partnerships, she was the woman for the job.

“I made looking for a way to contribute back to the university while also finding a partnership that made sense a priority,” she said.

One of the most moving experiences Brodak has ever had was obtaining her certificate in Corporate Citizen Leadership from the Boston College Center of Corportate Citizenship. After giving gifts to the community for years, she said this certificate shaped her thought process.

“I learned that it doesn’t matter how much you give and it doesn’t matter where you’re giving,” said Brodak. “It’s about the impact you have with the gifts that you give.”

It’s this mindset along with her expertise that led to her becoming the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement.

“It really feels like this was meant to be,” she said. “The timing worked out perfectly as the position opened up, and I just happened to be available with a nice partnership with the university in my wheelhouse. It was such a nice fit.”

Today, Brodak feels at home in her new role.

“Every person who I introduced myself to on campus said, ‘Welcome to the Waynesburg University family,’” she said. “Some of those people weren’t even employees. It was so genuine and sincere, and you could just tell it is a family environment here.”

She is also impressed by the students on campus.

“The quality of our students is absolutely amazing,” said Brodak. “The energy they bring to the university only motivates me to do a better job for them.”

As she becomes acclimated to her new position, Brodak is committed to promoting the university. But, as she reflects on her educational and professional journey, she can’t help to think back to where it all began all those years ago.

“It feels like a calling,” she said. “I know this is where I am supposed to be.”