Julian Assange is a hero, not a villian

One issue that divides Americans is how much information is good and how much is dangerous.  This is what leads so many individuals to believe Julian Assange is an evil person. They see the loss and endangerment of lives as a result of him making information available.

In reality, these same lives are put at risk by the tyrannical and overreaching United States government that treats the world as its playground under the vague guise of “globalization” and then attempts to cover it up.

The United States was founded as an isolationist nation. America declared its independence from the rest of the world, but has come full circle to intervene in every aspect of foreign affairs.

Now that we have swerved so far away from our roots as a nation, we decide it’s this man’s fault that we’re just beginning to see the monster our federal government has grown into? Is it the fault of the man that’s trying to show us what our tax dollars are funding? Is it this man’s fault that our government feels the need to interfere in a corner of the world that has been at war  against each other since the beginning of time?

To me, blaming Assange seems more like denial of the truth than an argument with actual merit. It isn’t Assange’s fault the federal government confuses information as their own property.

The idea of information as property is exemplified by the passing of the Espionage and Sedition Act by far-left Socialist former president Woodrow Wilson. Wilson allowed the federal government to claim information as its own, when in reality the original purpose of the federal government was to protect the physical property of the governed.

Furthermore, the government is supposed to have the consent of its people before taking action, and acting without this is to be considered treasonous, with the citizens being able to rise up and create a new government.

Today, however, our federal government has grown so tyrannical that it puts the treason sticker on those that go against it.

We live in this backwards world where information is protected as property when property isn’t even protected as property. Citizens act against a government they don’t consent to and are in the wrong. Julian Assange is a bad guy for publishing nothing but truth for the world to see.

Where are our elected officials, who are supposed to defend the constitution which holds freedom of speech sacred? Not surprisingly, both parties hate Assange. Even more surprising, both parties benefit from hating Assange, so they will continue to do so.

The real question is when will someone stand up and defend this man? Julian Assange is a modern day hero. The fact that none of our leaders have stood up and defended this man is a direct indication of how far our society has slid from its roots as a nation that actually stood for free speech and thought.