Local body and frame shop celebrate 60 years

Wade’s Body & Frame Shop has been serving Waynesburg’s automotive needs since 1960. The local business is located on N. Maiden St. and is one of multiple automotive shops in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

This year marks the business’ 60th anniversary.

To celebrate, Wade’s Body & Frame Shop hosted a “60th Anniversary Celebration” on Fri., Oct. 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Local residents were able to stop by throughout the day to show their support. 

“It was very nice; we didn’t do a big thing. We just had some hot dogs and some food to eat and invited people to stop by,” James E. Mason, owner of Wade’s Body & Frame Shop, said. “There wasn’t a lot of people here but Pam Snyder showed up, the Commissioners and the Chamber of Commerce.”

Mason is not the original owner of Wade’s Body & Frame Shop, but has been with the business since its opening back in 1960.

“When I came here, I came here sweeping the floors. I was getting $37.50 a week and I swept the floors and worked my way up because I wasn’t happy sweeping floors,” Mason said. “So, I learned how to do every aspect of the business that I could and I’ve always enjoyed doing it.”

Even though Mason started out sweeping floors, he quickly became a partner in 1972.

“I was a partner with Wade and then he passed away in ‘88 and I left it the same name,” he said.

Mason attributes the overall success of the business to hard work and perseverance.

The business offers a variety of services. Their website states that they “specialize in the complete maintenance and repair of all foreign and domestic vehicles for families and businesses.”

Among other services, they also offer towing services; recreational, semi and utility trailers; manufactured home moving; and air conditioning and cooling systems.

Over the past 60 years, Mason said one of the biggest struggles they’ve had to deal with was COVID-19.

“COVID has probably been one of our biggest problems. Our business has probably been 30% to 40% since it started and it’s coming back up a little bit, but it’s very slow … [but] we’ve made it so far,” Mason said.

Despite setbacks because of COVID-19, Wade’s Body & Frame Shop is still working hard and offering their services to the Waynesburg community.

After 60 years of success, Mason offers his advice: hard work.

“If you work hard enough, you’ll make it. I believe that.”