Annual job fair connects students with opportunity

The annual Job Fair has been going on for four years at Waynesburg University. The event is organized by Adam Jack, chair of the Criminal Justice department. 

The Job Fair gives students a chance to see and talk to different agencies and gives them a chance to learn about what each group does.  Many different groups participated this year including 25 different employers ranging from local and state agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S Postal Inspectors.  

Jack said the turnout this year was vastly different from last year’s low attendance due to COVID.

“It really ended up being a great success, ending up with over 170 students there and great feedback from the employers,” Jack said. 

Any student may attend the job fair. Students don’t have to be Criminal Justice majors to attend. There are a wide variety of majors who attend the job fair every year.  

The Criminal Justice Club doesn’t require its students to attend the Job Fair although most end up attending because of the opportunity to talk to different employers who could potentially get them jobs or internships in the future.  

If you missed the Job Fair or had a class during it, there’s no need to stress. Students can go talk to Jack and ask for the contact information of any group. Jack has collected every group’s information and has put it in a folder in case someone wants to contact them.  

Michael Saliba, president of the Criminal Justice Club said, “ I think the Criminal Justice Job fair is a great way of giving students connections where they can look into agencies that they haven’t thought about. Not only does it create job opportunities but it also creates the opportunities for students to obtain their internships.”  

Whether it’s looking for an internship or just wanting to learn about an agency, the yearly Job Fair is something that all students can attend and benefit from.