Rachel Pellegrino

Un-ALPACA-ing the story of Lena Galing

Video courtesy of WCTV, Rachel Pellegrino Lena Galing is a proud mother of 15.  Fifteen alpacas, that is. But, what’s an alpaca? Commonly mistaken for llamas, alpacas are distinguishable by two characteristics: their pointy ears and slim bodies. In Galing’s case, they’re also distinguishable by their names.  Glitter Lilly and Social Light are just two … Continue reading

COVID-19 cases on campus continue to increase

A few weeks ago, The Yellow Jacket reported on the Keep Waynesburg Well Team’s efforts towards “pre-pandemic normalcy.” This “normalcy,” however, may have to wait. This past week, the amount of confirmed cases on campus recorded thus far for Spring semester surpassed that of Fall semester.  During the Fall semester, Aug. 9 to Dec. 5, … Continue reading

One year later

March 16, 2020. A day I will never forget.  I was on the phone with my parents that afternoon when Waynesburg University decided its best option was to send everyone home. I remember walking frantically around my friend’s kitchen holding back tears.   I was stunned.   I simply could not wrap my head around the two … Continue reading

Keep Waynesburg Well Team strives for ‘normalcy’

March 16 marks the one year anniversary of Waynesburg University sending students home for the remainder of the 2020 fall semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  After a full year of living in a pandemic-centered world, a sense of normalcy has begun to return to Waynesburg University. According to a campus-wide email on Wednesday, March … Continue reading

Students assist at vaccination clinic

Humbling.  That is how senior nursing student Hannah Colvin describes her experience volunteering at Washington Health System’s Vaccination Clinic.  “As a nursing student, I normally thank patients in clinical settings for letting me take care of them. However, at this clinic I was the one getting thanked for what I am doing,” Colvin said in … Continue reading

Q&A: Commencement Committee addresses students’ concerns

In two months, Waynesburg University’s 2021 graduating class will take center stage for Commencement. “Pomp and Circumstance” will play, and one by one the students will receive their diplomas. As announced in a University-wide email from Waynesburg University’s President Douglas Lee, the tentative date for this year’s Commencement weekend is Saturday, May 1, and Sunday, … Continue reading

Q&A: National eating disorder awareness week

Low self esteem. Restriction. Rules. Loss of Control. Failure. It’s a cycle that people nowadays know all too well. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 28.2 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime. That’s 9% of Americans, suffering from anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. With the second … Continue reading

COVID-19 update on campus

Nothing says welcome back to campus more than an updated COVID-19 health and safety plan. Waynesburg University students returned to campus mid-January for the spring 2021 semester to find some new campus guidelines issued by Waynesburg’s Keep Waynesburg Well Team.  These guidelines included new testing policies, which will continue to be updated throughout the semester.  … Continue reading

Greene County vaccinates residents

Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan is currently underway with Phase 1A still rolling out. As outlined in the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Vaccination Plan, Phase 1A includes those most at risk of infection from COVID-19. This includes: health care workers, residents and staff of long-term care facilities and, as of Jan. 19, people aged 65 or … Continue reading