Rachel Duncan

Benedum Dining Hall offering different themed meals

Last semester, Benedum Dining Hall and Aladdin Dining Services hosted different themed meals to start and end the semester. These themes, which included Luau, National Pierogi Day and National Donut Day, will not be returning for the spring semester. However, new meals to celebrate national holidays as well as some new food concepts, are in … Continue reading

Carmichaels Area esports team hosts Minecraft tournament

As esports gains a popular reputation within the country’s schools, local Greene County schools, such as Carmichaels Area School District, decided to see what the talk is all about. With their own esports team, Carmichaels Area School District hosted their second annual Minecraft Tournament on Friday Jan. 21. Due to the decline in interest in … Continue reading

New memorial park hosting Veterans Day ceremony

November 11, national Veterans Day, is a day for the community to pay a salute to all veterans. In Greene County, the community has been able to host an annual event for this cause. This year, the event will be held in Greene County’s new Veterans Memorial Park.  Connie Hart, part of Greene County’s Salute … Continue reading

Let’s taco-bout study tips

Video courtesy of WCTV, Rachel Duncan Midterm week may be over, but finals are still in the near future. Although students have made it past one of the most stressful weeks in the semester, there is still another half of the semester left. To be better prepared for finals week in December, students and The … Continue reading