Blueprints Initiative for SNAP Benefits

Blueprints, a nonprofit organization which serves residents in Greene County, Washington County and West Virginia, has launched a new program to educate and assist its residents on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, benefits, which provides low-income families with nutrition benefits to claim at the store.

“The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank reached out to us as an agency and asked if we’d be interested in partnering with them,” Eric Braun, supervisor in building futures for Blueprints, said.

The new program initiative, which went into effect in July, required Blueprints staff to help raise awareness of the SNAP program to their residents. By doing so, they were to also tell people how they can receive extra benefits and help them sign up. However, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is awarded to families based on income, so not everyone would receive the benefits.

“Currently we’ve got some calls but haven’t been able to schedule any appointments with anyone yet,” Braun said. “We anticipate per screening, 88 individuals.”

Although Blueprints serves mostly a population of 60 and older as well as families with younger kids, the SNAP initiative is to serve everyone. Anyone interested in applying can call the Greene County field office at 724-852-2893 or the Washington field office at 724-225-9550.