Lachlan Loudon

Let the games begin

The rumors can now be silenced—the announcement has been made via Waynesburg University social media accounts about eSports coming to campus. The unfathomable is happening: video games and school will intersect. In a video clip featuring senior communication major Scotty Miller using the new equipment, the university confirmed everyone’s suspicions. ESports will be on campus … Continue reading

Noon Tunes features student performers

Noon Tunes at Waynesburg University consists of coffee, iced tea, lunch and some live music. Instead of music being provided by non-students, the Student Activities Board (SAB) had senior digital design majors Joshua Hughes and Silas Mays take the stage last week. “It was really fun,” Hughes said. “It was a nice way to be … Continue reading

SAB decks the halls with holiday Bisque and Brew

Now that Halloween is over, you know what that means: Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas. SAB hosted their holiday-themed Bisque and Brew last week on Nov. 2, where students could paint their favorite Christmas clays, while also securing a free holiday drink from Starbucks afterwards. “I like the coffee,” Marina Hastings, junior forensic science major … Continue reading

B-I-N-G-O: the ‘classic’ college student game

Video courtesy of WCTV, Lachlan Loudon Every year, the Student Activities Board (SAB) hosts a Halloween-themed bingo night, meaning that students were invited to dress in costume to win special prizes. Those dressed up received special bingo cards that increased their chances of winning the big-ticket items. The cast of characters in attendance consisted of … Continue reading

Scott definitely ready to enter the field of psychology

Graduating this year, Brittany Scott, psychology major, exemplified everything a college student should be. Dr. Jenny Jellison, professor of psychology, had a multitude of words to describe her soon-to-be former student: mature, responsible, sincere, passionate, considerate, respectful, the list goes on. “Brittany is simply a joy to be around,” Jellison said. “She genuinely celebrates the … Continue reading

Mendes is the “relational glue” within her department

Waynesburg University’s mission revolves around faith, service and learning. The biblical and ministry studies major shows the fruits of this mission. Sarah Mendes, a children and youth ministry major, bears these fruits. “While Sarah has demonstrated a strong ability in the classroom, her commitment to seeking opportunities to gain practical experience outside of the classroom … Continue reading

“Won’t You Help Your Neighbor” Campaign

Alone, stranded, isolated and in solitude—these are what students in quarantine on-campus might be experiencing due to COVID-19 protocols, according to the “Won’t You Help Your Neighbor” campaign. Led by campaign director Adrian Barnhart, this campaign’s goal is to ease those feelings of loneliness. Students can either be quarantined for a week or a month, … Continue reading

The man behind the Greene curtain

In the late 18th century, Great Britain was at war with its own 13 colonies, soon to be known as the United States of America. The war found its way over to Greene County, Pennsylvania, where a noncommissioned officer’s sword was left behind in the rubble of battle. There was nobody around to know who … Continue reading

Recent Photographs

The Yellow Jacket Print Newspaper is back for a Special Fall 2021 Edition.

Pick up your copy around campus Friday, December 3! Copies will also be available at select locations around the community. Happy holidays and happy reading!