Delight women’s ministry launches at Waynesburg

Thanks to junior psychology major Tess Marlin, national women’s ministry, Delight, now has an official chapter at Waynesburg University.

According to Delight Ministry’s website, Delight is a college women’s Christian group that meets weekly to dive into a curriculum provided by the organization. Now, the club has over 30 members and is becoming more involved in both the campus and local communities.

“We also serve, interact with the university community and do what we can to connect the surrounding community with Jesus,” Marlin said. “I like to describe it as a group of women that get to do life together.”

Marlin, the chapter’s team director, said she worked hard last semester to assemble a team to grant Waynesburg University a recognized chapter. After back and forth correspondence with Delight headquarters and associate dean of students Pat Bristor, Delight was able to launch this spring.

“I felt [Delight] was something that a lot of women on this campus could benefit from,” Marlin said. “Our main goal is to make connections with as many women as possible and to grow closer in our relationship with God. We are so glad that we already are reaching so many people and cannot wait to see what our chapter is capable of in the future.”

This semester, the book of Genesis will be the topic of study. According to Marlin, Waynesburg’s Delight chapter will be utilizing the Genesis curriculum book offered by the national ministry group.

Each week, Delight meets to work through the curriculum book and participate in discussion.

The meetings begin with worship and announcements. Then, Bible study takes place with the Delight curriculum book. After that, they conclude with discussion, prayer and more worship.

“As an organization, Delight really focuses on being more than a Bible study,” said Sophie Kipe, senior early childhood education major. “I think all the Delight leaders would agree that our biggest hope is that Jesus will be more well-known, well-loved and well-served by girls at Waynesburg.”

Kipe, who also is a musician on the Upper Room team, is one of the worship leaders for Delight. 

Marlin said Kipe “is so passionate about this group and has been a complete blessing.”

The mission statement of Delight reads, “to invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.” 

Together, these women have already formed a strong community and have been vocal on anticipating its growth.

“We hope that we can just welcome as many people as possible this semester and get our footing so we can welcome even more women next semester,” Marlin said.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Marlin.