SAB decks the halls with holiday Bisque and Brew

Video courtesy of WCTV, Lachlan Loudon

Now that Halloween is over, you know what that means: Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas. SAB hosted their holiday-themed Bisque and Brew last week on Nov. 2, where students could paint their favorite Christmas clays, while also securing a free holiday drink from Starbucks afterwards.

“I like the coffee,” Marina Hastings, junior forensic science major said. “It’s actually a really good time to socialize with people. Even if you don’t like [to paint], it’s something to do.”

Students attending the event, located in the Beehive on the second floor of Stover Campus Center, were given a paint palette and a ceramic sculpture. There were statuettes of snowmen, santas, penguins, christmas trees and more.

Once the participants handed in their finished product, they were given a coupon for a free grande drink from Starbucks, which included their brand new holiday collection. While the opinion of how early one should celebrate Christmas can be controversial, students didn’t seem to mind the festive event so early in November, but saw this as an opportunity to bond with friends.

“I love being able to paint, and have coffee; Two things that all men are entitled to,” James Galucci, senior biology pre-medical major, said. “I love the togetherness of Christmas. I love being able to spend time with friends and family and make cute little decorations for everyone that we can give to anyone we know.”