High Point Raceway hosts PAMX championship series

Last Saturday, the Pennsylvania Motocross Association held one of its sanctioned rounds of competition at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, for motocross racers from ages 4-50.

Ben Champ and Colby Bowen, The Yellow Jacket

Jeff Cernic, president of the PAMX , said the organization was honored and excited to be able to hold a weekend of competition at the historical raceway.

“The Pennsylvania State Motocross Championship has been around for at least 35 years,” Cernic said, “and High Point has been a part of it from the very beginning. We are very honored to have a series here because High Point has so much history and it’s one of the top tracks in the nation. It’s a fantastic facility for motocross.”

Part of Cernic’s job is securing a venue for the competition rounds. Across the state, PAMX uses seven different locations. At the High Point location, Cernic works closely with their management group who is always excited to host the event, said Media Manager Kayla Bolton.

“We just go and help put on the races, we help with registration and scoring for the day,” Bolton said.

Cernic has been working within motocross for over 30 years. He said PAMX wasn’t established at the time he began working in the sport.

Ben Champ and Colby Bowen, The Yellow Jacket

“I have been with Western Pennsylvania motocross since 1987, and the PAMX was founded in the early 2000s, but I have been around for many years,” Cernic said.

Cernic and the organization are excited for a variety of events that can entertain people of all ages.

“The PAMX offers classes from ages four years old all the way to 50 years old,” Cernic said. “So, you’ll see every age group of motorcycle racing there this weekend. Like I said, it’s a great event, the viewing is fantastic, the spectator, it’s a very reasonable event to come in.”

In addition to state racing events, the historic raceway of High Point has also been the host to some nationally recognized events according to Cernic.

“High Point hosts one of the rounds of the AMA Lucas Oil outdoor nationals, and it holds one of the largest events in the nation there, so this is a national caliber event,” Cernic said.

Events and races like these, however, couldn’t be put on completely by PAMX. Bolton said the track crews are around throughout the weekend to keep up with the maintenance of the raceway.

“It’s actually our track crew, they’re out basically the whole week working on the track, making sure it’s groomed, watered and ready to go for the weekend,” Bolton said.

Cernic said the event was truly for anyone, as throughout the weekend both new and experienced riders came through to participate.

“It’s a very reasonable event to come and see,” Cernic said. “Every age, from the youngest to the oldest, there [were] amatures [and] professionals.”