Fans of ‘The Office’ sweep SAB trivia competition

Photo courtesy of Nicolas Burgess
Nicolas Burgess, left, Cory Love, middle left, Frank Sullivan, middle right, and Reagan Haughton, right, show off their winnings after trivia night

Senior nursing major and Bonner Scholar Nicolas Burgess, junior accounting major Frank Sullivan, senior nursing major Reagan Haughton and senior accounting major Cory Love took the win on Saturday night for The Office themed trivia night held by the Student Activity Board. This group of students, commonly found in the Center for Campus Ministry, were by far the most well-versed team concerning their knowledge of The Office.

“We actually formed the team maybe about an hour before,” Sullivan said. “So we didn’t really [formally] prepare. I think about the show when people bring it up, so just listening helped me with my trivia.”

The group of four had one thing to their advantage: they are all big fans of the  NBC television show.

The Office is a show that I grew to love,” Burgess said. “I thought it was okay until I got a few seasons in, and then I thought it was brilliant. It’s just so quotable and I’ve watched it twice.”

The gang won themed gift baskets for first prize, loaded with tasty snacks and references from the show.

There were three rounds of questions, presented by the game platform Kahoot, that progressed from easy to more difficult. The last several questions of the trivia ended with quote identification, where they would have to match a quote with whoever said it on the show. The team only missed three questions all night, winning by a fairly large margin.

The contest was almost too easy; we hardly missed any,” Sullivan said. “They just asked basic questions that anyone can answer.”

“After seeing the show twice, you can remember a lot, but I spent time before the show looking at quotes with Cory, Frank and Reagan,” Burgess said.

Consisting of nine seasons and 201 episodes, The Office has won five Emmys until the show ended in 2013.

The sitcom about a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania shows a satirical documentary of the lives of paper distributor company Dunder Mifflin office workers. Characters like Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute have provided laughs to viewers with their awkward and ironic moments. The show is extremely popular among current college students, making an ideal trivia night theme.

I loved my team,” Sullivan said. “We all agreed on each answer and [I] can’t wait to have fun with them again next time. We all have nicknames, so that was fun too.”

Aside from being great fans of the show, teamwork brought this group a victory Saturday night.

“This was one of the best SAB themed-trivia nights,” Burgess said. “Being able to come together with three good friends made the night. It wouldn’t feel the same without the friends there.”