Noon Tunes features student performers

Video Courtesy of WCTV, Lachlan Loudon

Noon Tunes at Waynesburg University consists of coffee, iced tea, lunch and some live music. Instead of music being provided by non-students, the Student Activities Board (SAB) had senior digital design majors Joshua Hughes and Silas Mays take the stage last week.

“It was really fun,” Hughes said. “It was a nice way to be able to connect with all the people that were there and just seeing all the people that came out and supported me. It was really cool. I appreciated that.”

The amount of support that these two had, being students actively involved in the campus community, was much appreciated, according to the duo.

“Honestly, I really liked just being there with my friends and having people watch us,” Mays said. “Music is obviously a really big passion of mine, so anytime that I’m able to do that is always really fun for me.”

Mays, a close friend of Hughes, received a lot of attention over the summer for his new single, “Youth,” and other tracks that he released on major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

“That was a really cool experience to get my name out there, you know?” Mays said.

Last semester, Hughes said that some members of SAB reached out asking if he would be interested in performing. His on-campus involvements, from being in the spring musical to his Upper Room presidency, he was already recognized for his singing talents.

Mays and Hughes both compete on the Men’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams, but still make time for music, which has been a lifelong hobby for them both. Mays started getting into music around when he was in middle school and started singing in high school. Hughes said he’s been involved with music “ever since I can remember, really.”

The dynamic duo had more tricks up their sleeves other than singing. They played acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano during their mini-concert, and did covers of famous artists, including Coldplay.

“That was really fun,” Mays said. “I wouldn’t be opposed to doing that again, especially with the right friends; it was a really, really enjoyable experience.”

Hughes revealed that SAB “already reached out” about another gig in the spring, and was optimistic about a return to the Beehive stage. For those who missed last week’s Noon Tunes, the Hughes-Mays duo may be back for another round next semester.