Bowlby Library Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On March 4, the Eva K. Bowlby Public Library unveiled another service to the community with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of their Exploration and Creativity Studio.

Kathy McClure, the library’s executive director, welcomed all of the visitors to the ceremony by kicking it off with a little bit of history about the library. 

“So basically we had a little short history about how the library started, and what it has transformed into over the years,” McClure said. “Then we had the ribbon cutting. We had pastries and drinks and things like that for people to partake in.”

According to a Facebook post on the library’s account, there were many community members present to celebrate at the ceremony. 

“The Greene County Commissioners, Ellen Rossi of the EQT Charitable Foundation, Representatives from First Federal of Greene County, members of Rep. Pam Snyder staff, Sen. Camera Bartolotta office, District Consultant Melinda Tanner, Friends of the Library, Library Club members and other esteemed friends and patrons,” the Facebook post said.

McClure said that the support of the community is extremely important to the library. Through having that support, the library can then in turn support the community. 

“I think it is important to be able to explain what the library has to offer, that it is a pillar in the community,” McClure said. “It’s not some place that is just here; it is actually a pillar. It also offers services through the whole county, so I would say it is also important to have your officials on board with that.”

The Exploration and Creativity Studio came to light from cleaning out a garage that the library had initially used for storage.  They originally planned  to add a second story onto the building, but this fell through due to  not having the proper amount of funds available. 

Even though it may not have been the original plan for the Exploration and Creativity Studio, the studio is still filled with activities and different ways to explore your creativity. 

“It has a full kitchen in it,” McClure said. “It has four desk areas that are built into a long wall that are going to house sewing machines, a cricut machine, a 3D printer and have space for people to be able to come in and basically explore, create and learn.” 

The studio might even serve as a place to to be rented out for smaller events, including baby showers, or even bridal showers. 

“It will be used to hold classes and adult programming,” McClure said. “It will also be used for the tweens and teens 13 and up, and for people to be able to come in individually and have a short tutorial on the sewing machine, if they need it. Then they can make an appointment to come in and use that machine, as well as the 3D printer and the cricut machine.”

To schedule a time to use the studio, call the library at: 724-627-9776. Ask to speak with the reference department in order to discuss details about your request.

“For me personally, I just feel very humbled and very blessed that we have been able to provide this to the community,” McClure said. “This is going to be something that can be used for generations to come and hopefully grow and be something that people will utilize on a regular basis.”