“Buy Local, Buy Greene,” local economic action

“Unleashing the power of the consumer dollar in Greene County” is the slogan for the Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful initiative: Buy Local, Buy Greene.

Buy Local, Buy Greene is a network of local businesses in Greene County, started in 2013, that keeps the public informed on where to shop and encourages commerce between small businesses and community members.

“As a network member, you will have a stake in how this multi-faceted campaign is introduced across the county,” according to the Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful website. “You will receive printed and promotional materials, both to hand out and sell, and participate in advertising and other outreach that will help spread the message about the benefits of keeping consumers’ money here at home.”

The U.S. Small Business Administration states that small businesses provide almost 70% of all net new jobs in the country, and according to the NC 10% Campaign, North Carolina had an initiative where residents and businesses pledged to spend 10% of their weekly food budget at local sources and the results showed an impact of approximately $14 million reported.

In Waynesburg, 5 Kidz Kandy is a specialty shop that sells sweets and lunch specials. While being one business of its kind in Waynesburg, they still have to compete with the local supercenters.

“I think it helps bring small business to the forefront of people’s minds. Where we tend to get lost in the day to day grind or the mindset that it’s just easier to go to Walmart. It helps to remind people that we are still here. With COVID this year, a lot of us are barely still here,” Kristy Vilet, local business owner from 5 Kidz Kandy, said.

The Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful Buy Local, Buy Greene website notes, “$100 spent at a local business generates $68 in revenue for the local community, $100 spent at chain stores produces $43 for the local economy.”

There is no cost to join the Buy Local, Buy Greene network as a local business. Consumers can interact with the network as well to find businesses based on the need or want they desire, including, but no limited to, attorneys, health care, retail, food service or salons.

According to their website, “Your support is vital to the success of this educational and marketing campaign, and several local organizations have partnered and provided funding to help launch the initiative.”