Calvetti takes first in final round of WU Idol

Video courtesy of WCTV, Gwyn Napier

The last round of WU Idol took place last Friday as it started off the homecoming weekend. 

With only five contestants left they fought for the final spot performing songs of their choice.

First to take the stage was Autumn Hanson singing you are the reason by Calum Scott. 

“I think it went really well,” Hanson said. “I was definitely still nervous, even though it was the third week. But I think it went very well.”

Elle Calvetti was also one of the top five; she sang “A Piece of Sky” by the Musical “Yentl.”

“I feel like it went really well. There were a couple of notes I messed up on, but I felt very confident with the volume of music and my ability to really project,” Calvetti said. “I was very proud that I held the note at the end. I was definitely running out of breath, I didn’t get a deep enough breath at the beginning, but I felt it went really well.”

After the final performance, the top three contestants were announced and received monetary awards.

The top three performers respectively were Autumn Hanson taking third, Josh Anderson taking second and Ell Calvetti taking first.