Carmichaels Covered Bridge held for 51st year

The Carmichaels Covered Bridge Festival was held beside the Greene Academy of Art this past Saturday and Sunday. It was the 51st year the event has been held.

The event has been held at the Carmichaels Covered Bridge every year since 1970, except 2020. 

“This is one of the three or four events throughout the year that the community looks forward to,” the president of the Greene Academy of Art Ed Chess said. “This is a nice one. We attract people from all over.”

There were a wide variety of activities.

“You name it, we pretty much have it here,” planner of the event Alan Vozel said.

Face-painting, carriage horse rides and live music were a part of the event. 

“The function of the Greene Academy is to promote the arts,” Vozel said.

Ice cream was also offered for free, all of it personally scooped by Chess.

“This is our second year of giving ice cream away,” Chess said. 

Food vendors, paintings, crafts and clothing were available to buy.

“We’re a small venue,” Vozel said, “but we pack in as much as we can.”

The Greene Academy of Art is also hosting a Christmas Craft show on November 12.