Catch Waynesburg University’s 2023 Homecoming Alumni Relations Events

Maura Fenske, the coordinator of development and alumni relations, and David Floyd, the director of development and alumni relations, spoke about plans for Homecoming 2023. 

On the Saturday of homecoming, as Fenske explained, the events begin with a brunch attended by alums, the President of the University and his wife at the Denny House on High Street.

Starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, the Alumni Relations team will serve tailgate food while finishing with a dessert bar after the football game, which begins at 1 p.m. According to Fenske, there will be a new event this year. 

“We’re picking up a new event this year; we’re calling it the Wiley Family Field Fest, which is down at the field because there’s a ton of renovation that’s been done down there,” Fenske said. “So, we’re gonna have some activities, there will be some games, um, food, lots of food, free food, drinks, all that.”

Fenske stated alumni could golf at the Greene County Country Club on Friday afternoon. There will also be a class reunion celebration in the Denny House at 6 p.m.

“Often that Friday night when they have a chance to hear from President Lee directly, they’re like wow, like just blown away by him, his leadership, as we are all the time and just really appreciative of the way that Waynesburg has come back into its own, and I think, um, the adherence to the mission has a lot to do with that,” Fenske explained further.

As for Thursday, there is a virtual trivia night starting at 8 p.m. According to Fenske, the virtual event really gets things rolling for homecoming. 

David Floyd shed some light on their planning process.  

“That’s a long process that goes all throughout the year as well as we’re thinking through what that might look like,” Floyd said. “We are, um, we’re a little bit of a small team in the advancement office, and Maura’s [Maura Fenske] our point person for Homecoming, and always does such a great job… there really are a lot of moving parts, a lot of details, a lot of staffing and volunteers that, you know, come into play with Homecoming.”

“Obviously, connecting with some of their former classmates but also seeing, you know, what at the university has changed what stayed the same, and it just always a favorite one of mine to be able to help host that and make a connection with those alumni,” Floyd replied when asked his favorite Homecoming activity.

Student Development, Student Activities Board, and more will hold other Homecoming events and activities.

 “It’s a great weekend, great environment, and we always look forward to it,” said Fenske.

For more information, contact Maura Fenske, David Floyd, or consult the University website at