Cheat Sheet: Chemical warfare in Syria leaves dozens dead

Syria is back with more crimes against humanity.

The death toll is uncertain at this time, but it continues to climb, and various sources have differing numbers as to the actual total.

According to CNN, “airstrikes hit the rebel-held city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province on Tuesday morning, giving off a ‘poisonous gas,’” according to an activist source, who’s an activist with the Aleppo Media Center. CNN’s report of the death toll places the number north of 70, including at least 10 children.

As of Tuesday, BBC News reported that the death toll was at 58, but they also indicated that it was expected to climb. The highest estimate was made by Fox News, and they said their sources had told them that at least 100 people were killed and 400 more were injured.

All of this has been a long and horrid period of civil war in the Middle Eastern country that pits the current regime against the rebellious forces attempting to rid the country of President Bashar Al-Assad’s leadership.

Of course, to gain favor, both sides will say that the opponent had released the chemical weapons and both are staunchly denying attacking the other, according to CNN.

“The attack, which has been blamed on the Syrian regime by activists and condemned by international leaders, has reportedly left hundreds injured,” said the CNN report. “The Syrian military denied using chemical weapons and said rebels were responsible. World leaders called the reported use of chemical weapons an outrage.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that chemical weapons have been used in the war-torn country.

“Chemical weapons have killed hundreds of people since the start of Syria’s civil war, with the U.N. blaming three attacks on the Syrian government and a fourth on the Islamic State group,” according to Fox News, which also created a convenient timeline covering the use of chemical weapons in Syria. For the sake of time and space, the URL for the timeline is here:

President Trump referred to the attacks as “heinous,” according to the Associated Press, and he deferred some of the blame the previous regime and Obama.

“President Donald Trump blamed former President Barack Obama on Tuesday for ‘weakness’ that he said led to a reprehensible chemical weapons attack by Syria’s government, while his secretary of state said Russia and Iran bore moral responsibility for the deaths,” according to Fox News.

He also added that he is currently unsure of what the next step for the administration will be in regard to the attacks.

As for the people of Syria, this is just another attack in the seemingly never-ending affair. Further, at this point in time, it does appear that everything that can go wrong is going wrong.

“An AFP news agency journalist saw a young girl, a woman and two elderly people dead at a hospital, all with foam still visible around their mouths,” according to a BBC report. “The journalist also reported that the same facility was hit by a rocket on Tuesday afternoon, bringing down rubble on top of doctors treating the injured.”

In total, the Syrian conflict has caused disastrous shakeups to the political, economic and social stability of the region. According to I Am Syria, 470,000 people have been killed during the war, with 55,000 of them being children