Greene County updates aerial imagery

The Greene County Commissioners Office has recently partnered with Eagleview Technologies and Pictometry International to provide all new LiDAR data and imagery of the entirety of Greene county. Chief Assessor Mary Ann (Lou) Lewis expressed the main reasons the county is moving forward with this project.

The Assessment Office uses the aerial program for many reasons,” Lewis said. “We use it to assist in locating properties for field work, measuring structures that are not accessible, locating gas sites and changes in the use of the land, which would change the assessment value of the property.”

Lewis went on to say that it also helps police officers when they have to go to certain properties.

We have also assisted police departments to locate and identify properties,” Lewis said. “They can then see what house or property they are looking for and see the lay of the land prior to them executing warrants or serving legal documents.”

The Greene County Commissioners official Facebook said the LiDAR information and the aerial images will be gathered separately.

“The LiDAR data will be collected, by airplane, during the last half of October, 2020,” the post read. “The aerial images will be collected during the last half of November 2020, again, by plane, and with the intention of capturing “leaf-off” images.”

The Funding for this project came from the state of Pennsylvania due to more available funds during the pandemic.

The entire project is funded by Federal CARES Act funds provided to the County of Greene via the State of Pennsylvania and follows the strict restrictions that go along with that funding.” 

The post further expresses how this information will also help aid them in remote work meaning that they can abide by social distancing.

“This unscheduled flight, elevation data collection and post-processing ChangeFinder analysis will provide the county with the capability to work remotely and comply with social distancing restrictions.”

More information about the new LiDAR and Aerial imagery can be found on the official Greene County website or on the Greene County Commissioners’ Facebook page.