Losers no more

The Washington Capitals finally won the Stanley Cup

They finally did it. The Washington Capitals will be remembered as winners. The wait is over. A 44-year drought was snapped by a team of destiny.

Capitals radio play by play announcer John Walton had the perfect words to start the celebration after the Capitals won the last faceoff in their defensive zone.

“It’s not a dream, it’s not a desert mirage, it’s Lord Stanley, and he is coming to Washington,” Walton said with overflowing emotion.

Walton’s spontaneous words will live forever just like the Capitals game five victory over the Vegas Golden Knights.

Alex Ovechkin had waited a long 13 years to hold his prize, and he didn’t disappoint. He rushed over to his teammates and the celebration began. Braden Holtby was swarmed by teammates behind his net. Hugs, screams, smiles, and tears of joy filled the players and Ovechkin embraced Nicklas Backstrom.

Ovechkin finally got to lift the Stanley Cup and fulfill his dreams. He then handed it off to Backstrom. The two eventually held the cup together. It was a scene from a movie.

After celebrating, Ovechkin told Sportsnet’s Scott Oake how he felt on live television.

“We did it, that’s all that matters … this moment I will remember for all my life,” Ovechkin said with a huge smile.

It will certainly be easy to celebrate in Las Vegas, and the Capitals deserve it.

This was finally a new ending for a team that had found ways to fall short for decades. Even when the Capitals made the finals for the first time in 1998, the team was no match for the Detroit Red Wings who swept them.

This year was different. The Capitals finally beat their archrival Pittsburgh Penguins and made it out of the second round. This showed that 2018 would have a new ending, and it truly was.

Ovechkin gets to finally put and end to his biggest criticisms. He has proven that he can lead a team to a championship, and his team can win.

“He probably took the brunt of the criticism just because he’s the captain and the highest-paid guy,” said Brooks Orpik. “I think a lot of guys feel for him in that situation. If you watched the reaction of his teammates when he got the Cup, I think it speaks volumes about how guys feel about him.”

There is a new ending. The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champions.