Lown leads student senate

From being a part of the Student Senate at his high school to being accepted as a Stover Scholar, Ethan Lown’s path to becoming President of the Student Senate here at Waynesburg just felt right.  

After being just a general senator his freshman year, Lown then was elected as the social vice president which oversees the campus affairs committee during his sophomore year. And although he was unopposed this past April, Lown still put together a campaign which saw him elected by students from all classes. 

“Every year since my freshman year things have just been adding on and making Waynesburg better,” Lown said. “I’d love to contribute to that trend.”

Lown is well known around the campus and is easily liked by many, especially his Executive Vice President Jason Polgar, who is only a sophomore but has known Lown since he got here.

“He is very knowledgeable, a calm and collective leader, he is definitely very very approachable,” Polgar said.

And that is exactly what Lown wants the students of Waynesburg to think about him and his executive staff.

“I’d like the student body to know the senators and know of us as being personable and listeners to what the student body wants,” Lown said. “Being remembered as a listener is really important to me.”

“I’d like the student body to know the senators and know of us as being personable and listeners to what the student body wants”

Ethan Lown

Although Lown is only a month into his new role, the senate has already been listening to what the students want with a number of opportunities for change lined up.

“In our campus affairs committee we are working on the Purman Run area and taking advantage of that space and contributing to some new projects that are headed there,” Lown said. “We also want to look for changes in the fitness center and to continue to work on our dining hall to try to find the best way to please everyone in those areas and continue to add onto the 24/7 market.”

And Just like Lown, Polgar who is also the chairman of the polling committee along with being Vice President, would also like to be more accessible now that COVID-19 restrictions are slowly going away. 

“Because of COVID the polling committee largely has been online polls and our goal really is to get back in the public square with that and consistently be on the ground getting polling responses,” Polgar said.

This will allow the senate to hear the student’s voices better and help them move in a direction that is more in tune with what the student body wants thus making the changes even more positive. 

And with the progress the Student Senate has already made on some of these changes they surely will be a part of the positive change happening here at Waynesburg. 

Lown also just wanted to remind and encourage students to come out every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., which is when the Student Senate meets to voice any opinions or concerns they may have.