Mendes is the “relational glue” within her department

Waynesburg University’s mission revolves around faith, service and learning. The biblical and ministry studies major shows the fruits of this mission. Sarah Mendes, a children and youth ministry major, bears these fruits.

“While Sarah has demonstrated a strong ability in the classroom, her commitment to seeking opportunities to gain practical experience outside of the classroom is to be commended,” University Chaplain Joshua Sumpter said. “[Mendes] is consistently striving to serve God and grow in her abilities as a youth worker.”

Mendes has worked with local churches for various internships and other opportunities. She served at Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during her senior year.

“She is very intentional with her time and how she is growing in ministry leadership,” Sumpter said. “I am very proud of the work that she has done in the local church and it will be a joy to see her continue in ministry after graduation.”

Sumpter, along with BMS instructor Dr. William Younger, have played a large role in crafting Mendes’s college experience. She credits them with giving her a passion for learning. The environment of college has also allowed her to maintain a strong network of friends to lean on.

“I think college is such a unique time,” Mendes said. “The impulsivity of doing things with friends has been so much. I really think it will be the last time in my life where I can randomly call a friend and within minutes we would be going and do something.”

Mendes has taken a leadership role in the campus ministry with “Prayer @ 10” and helped out with the “WU Day of Giving.” Sumpter describes her as the “relational glue.” He also believes that Mendes’ involvement has made an impact on the department.

“Sarah has grown in her desire and ability to learn. She exhibits humility in the classroom and is willing to learn from the faculty members in our program,” Sumpter said. “She is hungry to learn and that will serve her well in the next stages of her journey.”

After graduation, Mendes plans to work at a church in the South Hills of Pittsburgh doing part-time youth ministry and part-time children’s ministry.

This article along with many others are included in the 2021 Commencement Issue of The Yellow Jacket. The full print layout version can be viewed here.