Movement at The Way

A new building is up and coming here in Green County, as The Way Community Center will soon sit on High Street as a hub for any needs. 

On their website,, the mission is to make connections with members of the community by spreading love, creating a place for individual growth and education. The overall goal is to make a large impact for God’s Kingdom here in Greene County.

“The Way is a movement here in Green County to come alongside families, individuals, young people, and older people, to empower them, to provide services to them, and to care for them,” board member Josh Sumpter said. “It is really to uplift them here in this particular community.”

The Way is a collaborative effort of pastors and the churches in Greene County, specifically First Baptist Church, to bring care to the members of the area. The building will have many different accommodations for all needs. 

“There will be a gym, there will be a full kitchen, there will be a number of areas for classrooms and meeting spaces,” Sumpter said. “Then ultimately a local preschool will also be there as well.”

All these resources and open opportunities will add to The Way’s mission of spreading love and expanding God’s Kingdom. This mission expands beyond the building.

“There is a reading program, at Waynesburg Center Elementary school. The Way operates the Cheery Door Thrift Shop on High Street, they are in process to care for senior citizens and provide meals to members of this community,” Sumpter said. “So even though the building is not open yet, the movement of ministry and activities is happening.”

At this point, The Way is still developing its movement and vision as the building is still under construction. Yet, there are so many ways to get involved to help spread the love and build up the community. Many Waynesburg area churches can provide more information on what areas The Way needs help. Even when the building opens, there is going to be a high demand for volunteers to help spread the mission. 

“With this being right here, I just think there is going to be a lot more opportunity for students to integrate,” board member Adrienne Tharp said. “I just think it will provide a lot of great opportunities and it is so close to campus.”