Record high rainfall in Western PA causing trouble

The recent weather that has struck parts of Western PA and the Pittsburgh area has done an explicable amount of damage to many homes, roads, and homeless camps. 

“We set a daily record and it was also the wettest start of April, the last time the rivers were this high was all the way back in 2005. The bathtub has been a major issue, it really has a high impact on people when closed off and it is something that will be fixed in coming years,” said

Ron Smiley, the morning meteorologist at KDKA News.

Many of those residing in Shaler, PA have complained of the flooding and the storming’s effects on their electricity, relenting the difficulty of going so many hours without electricity in their homes. 

“Flooding damage is difficult to reverse and is quite costly, this being some of the worst in 5 years,” according to Smiley.

Though the rain has slowed down, there is still more storming expected throughout the week, and with rainfall continuing, it is unknown how much more negatively this can impact the highly affected areas.  Smiley stated that, “It is not expected to be anywhere close to last week’s record high rainfall.”