Schematics for new facilities at Wiley “not feasible right now,” other renovations continue

Waynesburg University continues to improve the facilities at its off-campus stadium, John F. Wiley Stadium. However, the schematics published by an architecture firm for significant renovations at Wiley Stadium are not currently in the University’s plans for the facility. 

The schematics, created by Draw Collective and posted to its website, showed a large building in place of the gravel lot at the stadium showcasing the football program inside. According to President Douglas G. Lee, Draw Collective should not have made those plans available to the public. The link now leads to a 404 error page.

Lee explained the university has master plans on hand if the university believes it can get the backing to fund building them. The stadium building was one such master plan, but Lee said the master plan was “not feasible right now.”

Stadium renovations have been a multi-year process. The university installed a new scoreboard, improved locker rooms, a cement staircase that leads from the lockers to the field, lights under the bleachers, a protective screen at the back of the bleachers to promote athletics, Wi-Fi, and cameras for remote production live streams. 

According to Lee, future improvements include a pavilion in the gravel lot, an addition to the locker rooms for showers, an enclosing brick wall on the side opposite of the bleachers, and bricks at the entrance to the stadium with names of alumni, students and donors.

“As our 175th anniversary commemoration approaches, we’re offering bricks,” Lee said. “So your name will be on a brick, and when you walk into the stadium and look down, there’ll be bricks with people’s names. Anyone that cares to contribute will have their name in their brick.”

The pavilion will be reserved for certain groups that will attend games. The university previously used a temporary tent for similar purposes, such as at homecoming games.

Lee first mentioned the enclosing wall in a news conference last December. At the time, the university was still working with Waynesburg Borough to get the wall approved. Lee now says they are making progress.

“Everything is moving along well,” Lee said. “We’ve submitted the plans and everything looks good on that end.”