Student Senate applications due

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Interested in joining the Student Senate? Ever thought about being a part of decisions that will impact the lives of future students at Waynesburg University? Then it’s time to send in an application for the general election.

Every semester the Senate allows students to get involved and make a difference on campus; whether it’s a part of academic, campus affairs or polling committee, there is an opportunity to get involved. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are able to apply for the general election.

Senior senator and executive vice president Scott Rykala described the three requirements students must meet in order to be placed on the ballot:

  • A candidate must be a full-time student at Waynesburg University in good academic and social standing.
  • A candidate must run for the class he/she was in by credit at the beginning of Fall 2020.
  • A candidate must complete the senatorial candidacy application and obtain 10 signatures from the class for which they are running. 

Rykala discussed what candidates should be prepared for when applying to run for the senate.

“When running for the Senate, the power is in the candidate’s control,” Rykala said. “Candidates are responsible for making sure their applications are on time and make an effort to campaign for themselves.”

Rykala said once students apply to run for Student Senate, they must figure out the best way to network and build a following, relating to students to receive enough votes to be elected as their class representative. Rykala also talked about how previous experiences helped him prepare for the campaigning process.

“I learned to build relationships through being an RA and clubs I have been a part of through all the connections I have made,” Rykala said. “These important connections help the voting process once you’ve networked with students across campus.” 

Student Senate President Luke Diel also said networking helps when running a campaign for Senate.

“Networking is the best way to extend your branches and build a successful campaign,” Diel said. “Your friends are your best resource, having others you know campaign for you is the best way to spread your name and message to show others you’re the best candidate.” 

Students can create posters to advertise their campaign, but they first must be approved by Pat Bristor. Once approved, students can use other resources such as social media and word-of-mouth communication to advertise themselves as the best candidate.

Diel described how important these elections are not only for the senate but for every student on campus.

“We want the students to receive what we do can affect change on campus,” Diel said. “Vote for the people you think will do the best job and make important and impactful decisions for students at Waynesburg University.”

Applications must be submitted to Scott Rykala either by email or mailbox by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31. The general election for Student Senate will take place April 15 and 16. Executive Board Elections will begin on April 7 and April 8.