Thanksgiving dinner to be held

Waynesburg University is set to have its 20th annual Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, Nov. 17 in the Benedum Dining Hall. Staff and faculty will serve the usual Thanksgiving-style food, but this year may be a little different. 

Crystal McNett, catering manager of the Benedum Dining Hall, gave some insight on the set up for dinners in the past and how it will be different for students this year. She explained the previous time slots for students. 

“They’d sign up for each seating,” McNett said. “The dining hall, we’d section it off and open it up for that group to come in, and then in between. We’d have to flip the rooms over and get the tables set for the next group to come in.” 

Complications with COVID-19 have caused the staff to change their approach to the tradition, but the food will remain the same. 

“They’re gonna have us open like our normal hours and the three different stations will have the same food,” McNett said. “They used to do it restaurant style where they’d come out and just put the food on the table.” 

Aaron Jeffries, executive chef, explained the variety of foods to be expected on this year’s menu. 

“It will be a traditional meal. We’ll have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and gravy. Just like at home.” Jeffries said.

Jeffries is also supported by five other cooks who will each play a role in preparation of the meal. 

“Somebody will do the turkey, somebody will make the mashed potatoes, the baker takes care of all the pies and stuff …, ” Jeffries said. “It’s a lot of work for everybody especially since we’re still open for everybody else too, but it always seems to work out.” 

Overall, Jeffries says he believes the dinner helps build community among students. 

“It probably brings a lot of students closer together,” Jefferies said. “It’s more family-style oriented.” 

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