Trinity to receive massive grant

Trinity Area School District, located in Washington County, has received a grant worth up to more than $660,000 to support a safe and healthy environment for its students. 

According to, the money will be used to, “enhance preschool programs, tutoring, evening adult career training programs, school police training, ESL services, and additional mental health services.” 

Scott Donnelly, a student at Waynesburg University who is a cafeteria worker at Trinity High School, is optimistic about the money from the grant.

“As someone who works at Trinity, I’m all for anything that increases the security and safety of not only the students, but the staff as well. If these funds can be properly allocated, I think this is fantastic for the school district as a whole,” Donnelly said. 

The total of $660,101 that the Trinity Area School District received was a part of over 39 million dollars in grant funding for 36 total school districts across 21 counties in the state of Pennsylvania. 

“Students deserve safe and welcoming school environments that allow them to learn, grow and thrive without fear for their physical safety or mental health, and this funding will enable schools to provide those critical learning environments to their communities,” said Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid N. Mumin in a news release. Mumin continued on by saying, “By prioritizing the wellness of our learners and educators, we can ensure future generations of Pennsylvanians leave school equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be happy, productive, engaged citizens.”

Trinity was the only district in Washington County to receive grant funding. Donnelly is hopeful for other districts in the area to receive grants in the future. 

“I would hope that the other schools in the area would eventually be able to find their way into receiving these kinds of things, but I’m happy for the Trinity Area School District to be able to take this next step toward creating a safer and overall better learning environment for everyone,” Donnelly said. 

Five other schools in Southwestern Pennsylvania received grants. Butler Area School District received nearly $1.4 million, which was the most given to a school in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Sto-Rox School District received the second highest funds, at $1.1 million. West Mifflin Area School District got over $900,000, Ambridge Area School District got nearly $600,000and Southmoreland School District received $550,000.