University creates partnership with BCCC for nursing

Waynesburg University and Butler County Community College have announced a partnership between the two schools for BCCC nursing students to be able to attend Waynesburg University’s Southpointe location to complete their bachelors of science in nursing or enter the second-degree program for registered nurses.

According to Dr. Lina Hixson, director of the RN to BSN Program at Waynesburg University, this gives BCCC students the option to further their nursing education.

“Dr. Dave Mariner, the Director of Program Development for Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) reached out to the Dean of Allied Health & Nursing at BCCC, Patty Annear, to establish an educational partnership,” Hixon said. “This partnership means Waynesburg University will be one of the educational options recommended to their associate degree nursing students when they graduate to further their education to earn a BSN.”

Because this is a very new and developing program, most of the process includes guiding the students towards programs that fit each student’s needs.

“Administrators and faculty at BCCC are informed of the degree plan that WU offers so they can provide comprehensive and informed graduate advising to prepare their students as they seek to further their nursing education after completing their Associate Degree in Nursing,” Hixon said.

There are several classes offered at BCCC that count towards the curriculum that they would be taking through Waynesburg Southpointe. Statistics and Ethics are both three-credit courses that are a requirement. Then, after passing the licensing exam, the NCLEX, they can be accepted into the program through Waynesburg to earn their BSN. Because of those two classes having overlap with the Waynesburg program, the students would only have to complete 33 credit hours to earn their BSN as opposed to the 39 credits it would take otherwise, without those two classes.  

Hixon believes there are many advantages in completing their degree with the new partnership.

“Students would [be building] upon their skills and professionalism learned at BCCC,” Hixon said, “By completing courses in advanced physical assessment, professional communication and writing, applying evidence to practice, leadership and patient safety and community health to promote a holistic approach in caring for patients and their families.”

Hixon also said she has seen an increase in taking nursing courses online. She said that is due in part to the fact that “have families and loved ones to care for too [as they] enter the healthcare setting.”

Through this partnership, Waynesburg will also provide the BCCC transfer students with financial aid, different technological resources and other career services.  

Hixon said the industry of healthcare is always changing and evolving and that this program can help to prepare them for different leadership roles in their nursing career when they complete their bachelor’s degree.

The goal of the partnership is to help BCCC students to continue their education and help them enter their careers in healthcare.