Washington Wild Things Partner with the MLB

Frontier League now official partner of Major League

About two weeks ago, the Frontier League made a historic announcement. The Frontier League and the Washington Wild Things are partnering with Major League Baseball. What this lets the Frontier League and the Washington Wild Things do now is discuss plans with the MLB on how to expand the game of baseball to make the game better. 

Last spring, the Canadian American Association of Professional baseball became members of the Frontier League. The Frontier League expanded to 14 teams which will all benefit from this new partnership with the MLB.  

According to Tony Buccilli,  President and General Manager of the Wild Things, partnering with Major League Baseball has been in the works for a long time. 

“Reports came out that Major League Baseball had an interest in having a little more say and more hands-on with Minor League baseball,” Buccilli said. “We understood that there was probably going to be some ramifications and whether that was new teams joining us or some type of affiliation or partnership. We knew we were going to have some type of discussion with them. That’s kind of how the conversation started.” 

Buccilli claims that there are certain things the Frontier League and MLB want to do.  

“Currently, there are a couple of things they stressed. The most important thing that they want to focus on with our type of partnership is the fan engagement, the youth engagement,” Buccilli said. “Growing the sport is something that MLB and baseball need to do a better job with.” 

Kyle Dawson, who is the broadcaster of the Wild Things, says there are more opportunities for the Frontier League with the partnership with the MLB.  

“The information that we know right now that it’s along the lines of a new opportunity to market jointly with the MLB,” Dawson said. “Whether that be sponsorships or your regular marketing initiatives. Be that social media or billboard advertising.” 

Dawson thinks it’s a great moment that the Frontier League can partner with Major League Baseball.  

“From the Frontier League’s perspective, it’s a big watershed moment and being able to say that you are officially partnered with the MLB,” Dawson said. “Their idea is to have everyone under the umbrella of Major League Baseball and to try and create initiatives growing the game.” 

Buccilli has a few goals that he wants the Wild Things to accomplish while partnering with the MLB. 

“The big step for us is going to be explaining the partnership to sponsors, to season ticket holders and to fans in general,” Buccilli said. “Anything with the sponsorship we want to make sure that we’re very transparent of what they’re going to get out of this new relationship with Major League Baseball.” 

Dawson thinks that the Frontier League can take some steps with Major League baseball to make the Frontier League more popular. 

“It’s going to boost all of the markets,” Dawson said. “If we can work down here in Washington with the Pirates or with any of the closer MLB teams, there are options to potentially work with those MLB teams and do marketing and sponsorship stuff that would hopefully bring more people into the ballpark.”