Waynesburg to host PRSSA conference

Every year, the Public Relations Student Society of America hosts a national conference. These conferences are highly regarded for improving a school’s popularity and attendance ratings. 

 PRSSA usually is held at bigger schools such as California State University, Michigan State University. and Point Park University, but this year one of the conferences will be held at Waynesburg University. The conference, which will be held March 25 and 26, will mark the second time in six years that Waynesburg has hosted the PRSSA national conference.

According to Emma Herrle, the President of Waynesburg’s PRSSA Chapter, this is a big accomplishment for Waynesburg University. As one of the students involved in the process of Waynesburg being selected, she emphasized the importance of the selection.  

“The district conference alone is just a big thing in the PRSSA world because only eight schools out of all the schools in the United States get picked to hold a conference. So I’m not only competing with my peers, but I’m also competing with the whole nation in reality and to be picked is just an honor,” Herrle said. 

 Professor Richard Krause, the chairman of the Department of Communication, also expressed the accomplishment and importance of Waynesburg, specifically the Department of Communication, being chosen to host this conference.

“[It is] significant that this is the second time in 6 years, so I think it reinforces that since 2010 we have accomplished a lot so for us. This is national, and it speaks to the work of the students,” Krause said.

Even though the selection process is over, there is more work to be done before Waynesburg hosts the conference next semester.