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Junior Women's Basketball player making impact after three years off court

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Junior forward and newcomer Abigail Green became a pleasant surprise for Waynesburg sports in the 2021 basketball season.

In her first-ever collegiate basketball game, Green achieved a double-double with 11 points and 11 rebounds against the defending PAC champion Grove City Wolverines.

That was Green’s first time returning to an organized basketball team in three years, high school being the last time that she stepped onto a court with an official jersey.

“Mentally, it was just nerve-racking because it’s my first game and I felt a lot of pressure on me being the only post,” Green said. “I went in, and I just did what I could do.”

Portersville Christian School was the place where the Forestville, PA native attended elementary, junior high, and high school. Graduating with a class that was only composed of 14 students, this small environment gave Green the opportunity to be a multi-sport athlete.

“We played multiple sports, so a lot of us played volleyball together or some of the girls played soccer,” Green said. “We were always together throughout basically the entire school year.”

Green’s high school basketball team secured the conference title her senior year, along with a second-place finish at the Division 2 NCSAA Championships at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

“I loved my coach; I loved the girls,” said Green. “They were all really supportive and just good quality people to be on a team with.”

After high school, a desire to pursue nursing led Green to discover Waynesburg University. One visit to the campus, and Green had her heart set on becoming a Yellow Jacket.

“Once I toured the campus, I fell in love with it, and it instantly felt like home,” Green said. “I told my parents this is where I want to go.”

As a 5’11 basketball standout, Waynesburg women’s basketball head coach Sam Jones attempted to recruit Green to join the team her freshman year. An ACL tear during her junior year of high school in addition to academics, however, had Green considering otherwise.

“I was kind of hesitant to play college basketball just because I didn’t want to reinjure myself,” Green said. “I didn’t want to put my school studies at risk for falling lower than I wanted them to be.”

Now in her junior year of college with only a nine-game season taking place in PAC women’s basketball, Green told Jones that she decided to give college basketball a try.

“It just felt right,” said Green. “I really couldn’t have asked for better coaches and teammates.”

The rust had to be shaken off a bit after not playing for three years, but Green has managed to fit well into the women’s basketball program here at Waynesburg.

“She’s 5’11, so that’s something that you just don’t add very often to a team mid-season,” said Waynesburg assistant coach Jess Vormelker.

In light of Green’s capabilities, Vormelker feels that “the sky’s the limit” for Green’s potential.

“She really is a leader,” Vormelker said. “She really is just a good spirit to be around, and those are the types of players that you want to have on your team.”