Athletes connect through FCA

What it is, what they do, and how to get involved?


What does FCA stand for? It stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Even though no Waynesburg University fall sports are being played, athletes from all sports can connect through Christ off the field. Plus, you don’t even have to be an athlete to participate in FCA. They have their meetings every Monday night in the chapel at 9:00 p.m.  

Senior men’s soccer player and FCA Student Leader Jarrett Choi thinks it’s still important for athletes to come together despite no fall sports taking place. 

“We’re still meeting as a huddle.” We focus on former and current athletes,” Choi said. “Since we can have current athletes here and playing sports, they played in high school. We want to bring it all together as one.” 

As one of the leaders of FCA, Choi wants to take on a certain responsibility. 

“I like sharing the Gospel. I like doing a lecture for FCA,” Choi said. “FCA has different topics for each year, I kind of give them like hey let’s serve 100%, and let’s sacrifice, let’s bring it as a team.” 

Senior men’s soccer player and FCA Student Leader Steven Haines has been able to reflect on his athletic career through Christ. 

“With COVID, that change of pace has allowed me that time to just kind of settle down,” Haines said. “Coming up on senior year soccer season, trying to reflect. This might be the last year I have played and so I’m kind of enjoying that. It’s been tough, kind of accepting that the thing that took over your life 15 to 16 years is going to come to an end. 

Haines sees Waynesburg as a close community where FCA can bring everyone together.  

“We’re not a big school, but that does allow us some extra perks and benefits to having a smaller group at FCA,” Haines said. “We’re trying to grow it more, trying to get more students involved. I think more than ever that’s important with so many of these athletes’ seasons getting cut or shifted to the spring. There’s a lot of uncertainty, and I think it’s important to be able to come together as we have been doing.” 

Senior soccer player and FCA student leader Maddie Walker thinks it’s unique how athletes can come and worship together.  

“Definitely the kind of diversity that you don’t get normally on campus because we are kind of in our little pods of people we know in classes, or people we are on teams with,” Walker said. “This is a great way for athletes to come together, and dig into their faith a little bit more related to the competitive side. Instead of athletes competing against each other on the field for playing time, Walker likes to think of it as competing for Christ.  

“Finding ways to focus on him, not just through our athletics but incorporating it while we are doing our work off the field,” Walker said.