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Rep. Pam Snyder continues fight for corrections officers

On Jan. 23, a bill giving corrections officers a voice in parole hearings unanimously passed the Pennsylvania House. This bill, H.B. 44, was part of Rep. Pam Snyder’s push towards protecting corrections officers. Snyder is moving the fight from her role in the House into the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. “Our corrections officers have a … Continue reading

Bridge named after Brian Tennant

Bridge over South Fork Tenmile Creek named just one year after the former Greene County Sheriff's death

Today marks one year since former Greene County Sheriff Brian Tennant died at age 35. Pennsylvania Rep. Pam Snyder proposed House Bill 2088 in November that would name a bridge and two roads after three local fallen heroes, including Tennant. This bill passed the house unanimously on Jan. 21 and now sits in the Pennsylvania … Continue reading

$29,799 granted to combat sexual assault

Waynesburg University plans to use funds to implement mobile app

Of all students, 11.2% experience rape or sexual assault, but only 20% of female student victims ages 18-24 actually report the crime to law enforcement. Nine out of 10 female college victims know their offender. These statistics, according to the Civic Nation initiative “It’s On Us,” have inspired the It’s On Us PA campaign to … Continue reading

Alumni speaker shares his story

Nicholas Orlando, Waynesburg University class of 2012 alumnus was the speaker for “Leave Your Fingerprints” Thursday, Jan. 30. Orlando took this opportunity to reflect on his time at Waynesburg, and how it helped him find his strengths. Orlando, now a licensed professional counselor at Mental Health Service, looks back on his college career as a … Continue reading

Politicians respond to prison violence

Bill pertaining to corrections officers unanimously passes the Pennsylvania House

In July 2019, Keith Burley of New Castle, Pennsylvania violently stabbed an 8-year-old child to death as the victim’s brother watched in horror. Burley was recently given parole before the homicide took place. While behind bars, Burley was known for having terrible behavior while incarcerated among corrections officers. This did not matter, according to Nate … Continue reading

Campus-wide day of service held for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Waynesburg University celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday to honor the pivotal civil rights figure. This holiday is not only an observed day off for public schools, but it is a nationally recognized day of volunteering to honor the Rev. Dr. King. The university’s Center for Service Leadership, led by assistant dean of … Continue reading

Final preparations look different for each department

Waynesburg University is home to more than 70 academic concentrations.  As finals week is only days away, these various majors each require a different workload from this coming finals season, and thus unique study habits are being put into action.  Sophomore pre-medical major, Andrew Gordon, is a chemistry and anatomy tutor, and has the burden … Continue reading

‘The spirit of the season’

Fine Arts Department plans Christmas performances

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and the Fine Arts Department at Waynesburg University is taking advantage of the Christmas spirit. the department is hosting a series of Christmas concerts, including Tuba Christmas tomorrow, Dec. 6, and the Music Program’s Christmas Concert Saturday, Dec. 7. “For me, the spirit of the season speaks through the music,” … Continue reading

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