New Upper Room team for 2022-2023

Shortly after spring break came to an end in March, the Upper Room team for the 2021-2022 school year sang their last worship night, as a new team was assembled to fill in for the graduating seniors.

Senior digital design major and vocalist Josh Hughes passed the reins of the presidency to junior psychology major and vocalist Becky Shank in a  transition of leadership.

“It’s such a humbling blessing to be transitioning into such a uniquely gifted team of people who are so passionate about serving and worshiping God with their gifts, and I can’t wait to serve with each of them both individually and collectively,” Shank said.

As the new Upper Room president, Shank is excited to help serve and foster the Upper Room community that helped contribute to her spiritual growth. During her presidency, she wants to continue to foster a space where “people feel comfortable to worship and grow closer with God.”

The new Upper Room team members are as follows:

  • Shane Hughes, freshman, guitarist and vocalist
  • Josiah Gordon, freshman, pianist and vocalist
  • Seth Robinson, freshman, tech team
  • Seth Fischer, sophomore, drummer
  • Grace Ingram, sophomore, testimony coordinator
  • Elyse Morgan, junior, program coordinator
  • Adam Hartnett, junior, tech team
  • Tess Marlin, junior, vocalist

Junior tech assistant Josh Poindexter, sophomore bassist George Morar, sophomore prayer coordinator Annie Gaines are all returning members, including Shank.

Shane Hughes, similar to his older brother, Josh Hughes, joined the team as early as his freshman year. Shane Hughes defines music as a very important part of his life, and wants to use this opportunity to minister to others.

“Music, to me, is everything. I listen to probably four hours of music daily,” Shane Hughes said. “I have been blessed with the spiritual gift of singing and musicianship, and I use music to worship God.”

Shane Hughes describes his excitement in growing the Upper Room community. He hopes to grow in both faith and as a person.

“I also hope to lead people to the Lord and to fulfill God’s calling for me,” Shane Hughes said.

Shank expresses more excitement in the opportunity to work with less COVID-19 restrictions than previous semesters.

“Our new team is really hoping to grow the community at Upper Room in new ways, especially now that we are coming off of a lot of COVID-19 restrictions,” Shank said. “We feel really convicted that this new season coming off of the limitations set by COVID-19 is an exciting, new opportunity to prayerfully pursue ways that God may want to minister through Upper Room.”

Both Shane Hughes and Shank encouraged curious students to wander into Roberts Chapel Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. to join the campus community at Upper Room in a time of worship, testimony, vulnerability and fellowship.