Christians should embrace Kanye West

If God cannot save Kanye’s soul, then He can’t save anybody.

For those who aren’t up to speed with Ye, Kanye West released his ninth studio album, “JESUS IS KING” two weeks ago. Talking about God and faith isn’t something new for Kanye. No one has taken his claims seriously though because of his vulgar music content, performing at the porn awards, marrying Kim Kardashian and other unrighteous actions. Then Kanye started his Sunday Services last year. He said he had been radically transformed and wanted to start a church. When he announced his gospel album “JESUS IS KING,” it became for some, the moment Kanye let Jesus into his heart. 

Well, it is hard to disprove he hasn’t been radically changed by listening to this album. Without going into depth about the album and comparing it with theology, Kanye sounds like a newly-born Christian and is explicitly Christian in “JESUS IS KING.” According to Hip Hop By The Numbers, the album is the most religious Hip-Hop album to ever hit the top of the Billboard Charts. 94.6% of his lyrics are religious. The closest no. 1 Hip-Hop album even remotely close to that is Christian Hip-Hop artist Lecrae, with 74.3% with his album “Anomaly. Gospel legend Fred Hammond even features on a track. 

So, Kanye has stepped up and generally silenced doubters about his faith. Now, Christians have to decide what to do with all of this. 

To me, Kanye is a modern-day prodigal son. Here is a man that has mentioned God and Jesus during his entire career (remember “Jesus Walks” anyone?). He’s participated heavily in the sinful side of the entertainment industry and has now turned back to Jesus. 

Relating this to another parable, are we going to ignore him like the Pharisee and Levite because we feel Kanye is too dirty to deal with or accept him into our folds?

Here is another thought for those who think Kanye cannot be saved because he has committed himself to so much sin in the past. Yeah, he is still married to Kim Kardashian and swears at times. He has some growing and learning to do. However, doesn’t God say we all have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)? All humans need a savior because we are equally flawed. Even if they haven’t committed sins nearly as “bad,” all Christians were at the same place Kanye was at before they were saved. Only Jesus redeems us and makes us new, something Kanye has accepted. 

I think Romans 15:1-13 sums up that Christians should accept everyone who claims and shows they are a believer, just how Paul implored the Jews to accept the Christian gentiles. Kanye isn’t any less than any other Christian. Look to the parable of the laborers and the vineyard in Matthew 20:16.

Even if Kanye relapses into sin or all this was an elaborate scheme, Jesus’ name is still being broadcasted everywhere. He is at the top of the charts, on huge screens in New York City and has non-believers vibing to His name. Either way, this is a win-win situation for God and Christians.

I don’t believe Kanye is faking. So, let’s pray he keeps spreading Jesus’ name and growing in faith.