Commissioners’ Meetings (3-17 & 3-18)

Brady's Roadhouse

On Thursday March 18, the Greene County commissioners approved the declaration of National Library Week to be set for April 4-10. The commissioners presented certificates to different local library directors as appreciation for their service. Commissioner McClure thanked the local librarians for all of their work. 

“We really appreciate our libraries that we have,” McClure said. 

Commissioner Belding also thanked the local librarians.

“From the county perspective, the library systems play a significant role. Especially this last year with COVID,” Belding stated. “You play a major role in that with resources. We certainly appreciate that.” 

The month of April was approved as National Autism Awareness Month. At Thursday’s meeting, the commissioners presented certificates to human services directors. Brean Fuller, Director of Greene County’s Human Services Department and the Mental Health Administrator for Greene County, thanked the commissioners for their support and explained different aspects of autism.

“We know that there is not one autism but many subtypes, most influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors,” Fuller said. “Autism affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups.” 

Fuller also mentioned the importance of early intervention with individuals suffering from autism. 

“Early intervention affords the best opportunity to healthy development,” She explained. 

Deneen Shrader, the Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Program administrator, also spoke at the meeting. She described the various Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) waivers autistic individuals can obtain to help them gain more support and care. Shrader encouraged interested individuals to contact her office.

During Wednesday’s meeting, McClure commented about the county’s litter issues.

“I would like to discuss just for a second about the garbage that we’re seeing laying along the side of the road,” McClure noted. “It’s very concerning that we have so much of it right now.”

McClure listed different groups that have been attending the issue, but encouraged others to pitch in. 

“As a county, we’ve had the image of picking up some of that,” McClure said. “And I’d like to just put it out there for folks to maybe, when you have some time when you’re taking a walk, to pick up some garbage along the way. It presents our community better.”

The commissioners also discussed new staff appointments and service agreements on Wednesday, which were then approved at the Thursday meeting. Ethel Gray was appointed to the Greene County Housing Authority Board as a resident board member. Rachel Rodriguez was appointed to the Children and Youth Services (CYS) Advisory Board. 

As for agreements, the commissioners approved three lease agreements to replace the current leases between Greene County and Enterprise. The leases are intended for various transportation vehicles. 

The vehicles include a Transit Ford Van for the jail (costing a total of $508.67/month), a Dodge Charger for CYS (for a total of $432.73/month) and a Dodge Durango for the Sheriff’s Office (costing $502.99/month). Chief Clerk Jeff Marshall pointed out that these leases either cost the same as the previous leases or are less.

The commissioners approved the acceptance of a construction bid for the new storage building at the Greene County Fairgrounds. They chose Blair Construction LLC’s bid, which adds to a total of $247,000.00. Act 13 funds will be utilized to complete the construction. Marshall added notes about the bids. There were eight bids in total for the construction. Blair’s bid was the lowest.

More veterans’ graves care and maintenance agreements were approved at the Thursday meeting. Twelve agreements were issued to care for 1,483 veterans’ graves. Each grave costs $3.00 to maintain, leading to a total amount of $4,449.