Commissioners’ meetings for the month of February

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Editor’s Note: The Greene County Commissioners Wednesday meetings are being reported by The Yellow Jacket in-person. Thursday meetings are being reported via the live stream on the Greene County Commissioners Facebook page.


On February 18, the Greene County Commissioners met to discuss issues involving COVID-19, various service agreements seeking approval and staff appointments.

The commissioners approved a $550 contribution to the Waynesburg Lions Club for their Sound of Summer concert series. The appointments of Jason Taylor and Talia Teagarden to the Human Services Advisory Board were approved. Clint Blaney’s appointment was also approved as a regular board member to the Planning Commission Board. Commissioner Mike Belding announced there were current associate openings on the Planning Commission Board and encouraged anyone interested to apply.

The board oversaw the proposal from Jay D. Enterprises to provide three flaggers for traffic control at Washington Health Services Greene. Public member George Scull questioned the need of three flaggers and asked if college students could be utilized. 

“I thought they had plenty of volunteers and you could probably put one of them outside,” Scull said.

Belding responded that they would look into the concern. 

“The college students are being utilized,” Commissioner Blair Zimmerman responded, explaining how nursing majors are helping out with the process. “The University is involved in some of the processing.” 

Both Belding and Zimmerman moved to approve the proposal and Commissioner Betsy McClure abstained. The proposal was approved, and federal funding through PRIMA will be funding the flaggers.

The Commissioners approved a service agreement between the companies Household Hazardous Waste Recycling and Noble Environmental. Belding clarified the agreement was for hazardous waste disposal, including paints and hazardous chemicals. 

The Commissioners also approved the amount of $9,200 to be allocated to the Master Services Agreement with Mackin Engineering Company. The funds will be utilized for additional design services with the Wisecarver Recreation Area project.

A Memorandum of Understanding with Fayette County Community Action Agency Inc. for Greene County Human Services for PHARE HOME was approved by the commissioners. The amount of dollars for the program is not to exceed $6,000.92, and it will run through the period of January 1, 2021 through April 30, 2021. The program focuses on helping individuals who are homeless as a result of COVID-19, even those just homeless for a night. Commissioner 

McClure said, “It does happen unfortunately. And fortunately we do have these dires to help with that.”

Following the commissioners’ meeting, the Prison Board meeting occurred. Warden John Kingston discussed the topics of security, treatment, and maintenance with the Greene County Prison. 

For the month of January, the facility issued eight major misconducts and nine minor misconducts amongst inmates. Kingston also noted the revisions of COVID-19 treatment. A new remote visitation system was recently installed, allowing inmates to have virtual calls with family and friends. Warden Kingston mentioned how the system can assist with adult education and ministry outreach for inmates, programs that suffered during the pandemic restrictions. The new system will also allow for video court hearings to take place in the prison’s conference room.

In response to a public question, Kingston explained the COVID-19 guidelines in the prison and with transporting. When inmates do need to leave the prison for court, the courtrooms enforce social distancing and masks. Inmates will not be required to segregate or quarantine. 

“They’ll wear masks when they leave, they’ll be under direct supervision by the sheriff’s deputies, the courtrooms are set-up to allow social distancing, and they’ll return wearing masks,” Kingston said.

Kingston also mentioned a current job opening in the food service department. The prison is currently interviewing applications. The next Prison Board meeting will be held on March 18.

At the Feb. 4 commissioners’ meeting, Belding, McClure and Zimmerman met to approve various issues on the agenda. The proclamation for Teen Dating Awareness Month was approved and a $2,500 allocation was awarded to the Waynesburg Lions Club for their Fourth of July celebration.

The commissioners also focused on staff approvals and resignations. The resignation of Chris Eisiminger from the Farm Preservation Board was approved. Belding thanked Eisiminger for his participation on the board. 

“I appreciate Chris’s input and his participation in that board while he served. I got to serve alongside him and I appreciate that,” Belding said.

The commissioners also approved the appointment of Jason Nicholson to the Greene County Planning Commission Board.

Other approved issues included the 2020 return of taxes, a $502.00 service agreement between Advanced Communications Company and the Greene County Courthouse and an increased cost to generate election reports. For announcements, Belding noted that May petitions will be available beginning on Feb. 8.