Department of Communications student leaders reflect on their work

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The Yellow Jacket, WCYJ-FM and WCTV have named next years’ student leaders, but what do the graduating seniors that held those positions this school year think of their time in that role and at Waynesburg University?

WCTV, the Waynesburg University television station, had Matthew Mansfield as the general manager this school year. Mansfield said he was happy to be able to produce content through COVID-19, but one production stands out to him.

“The most exciting was the election night special,” Mansfield said.

Mansfield hopes to be remembered for guiding the ship during the pandemic. Mansfield said he has improved on working in a team and handling people in a way best suited for them, but once again an area stood out.

“It’s okay to make a mistake,” Mansfield said, “As long as you take away a lesson.”

The campus radio station, WCYJ-FM, general manager Chris Hulse said working through the pandemic is what he is most proud about. Hulse said just being able to get content on-air is something he is proud of.

“When we came back, I wasn’t 100 percent sure, would we even be allowed to have kids in the studio,” Hulse said.

Hulse said he hopes to be remembered as someone who led the right way, making himself available to anyone who needed his help. Hulse said the number one lesson he learned in his time at Waynesburg is to get involved in as many areas as possible. 

“The more you get involved with, the more well-versed you’re going to be, the more attractive you’re going to be to employers in the future.”

Gwyneth Napier takes over as general manager next semester.

Andrew Hreha, executive editor of the student newspaper The Yellow Jacket said, “I think the thing that I’m most proud about has been not only sustaining the success that we had pre-COVID, but actually building upon it.”

He is especially proud of the online presence the newspaper has developed in the last two semesters. Hreha said online articles used to average under 10 views, but last semester the website accumulated over 17,000 views and this semester he wants to get over 20,000 views.

However, Hreha said he believes COVID-19 hurt the chances of a “Yellow Jacket” app during his time as executive editor. He said he is confident the app will be able to be out next school year because of the progress that has been made so far and that new executive editor Rachel Pellegrino is “equally as passionate” about the project. 

“I wanted after my four years in the Department of Communication, I wanted to leave it better than I found it,” Hreha said. “I can’t thank this university enough for, you know, being such an integral part of my life these past four years.”

He said, “Waynesburg’s given me everything.”