Digital marketing class to be offered through PA CareerLink

A local educational opportunity from a practicing professional is available to those who wish to attend Soup’s Marketing’s Digital Marketing Essentials Seminar Series. Coordinating with PA CareerLink in Greene County, Petrina Supler, founder of Soup’s Marketing, will be hosting her event at the PA CareerLink office located in the Greene Plaza. 

Supler stresses the value of cohesive branding in her set of six seminars that began  Jan. 7 and will continue once a month throughout the course of the spring. February’s course, Intro to Digital Marketing, was offered this past Tuesday morning at PA CareerLink. 

“I want to make sure businesses are educated in digital and traditional marketing,” Supler said. “There are so many I have encountered who can have a good hand on both but don’t know how to bring them together.”

Supler also hopes to see the demographic of her attendees expand to university students that are seeking an additional channel of knowledge. 

“I would love to see students grab ahold of this,” Supler said. “They crave that clarification from someone and having that advocate on their side who is trying to teach them.”

The cost of attendance is $20 per session or $100 to attend all six. Supler also offers additional one-on-one training courses with business owners and individuals who attend the seminar at a twenty percent discount. 

“Everything I do will be in direct application to their business. We go through line by line of their Facebook page to make sure things are done correctly, go through ads, develop a campaign with them and offer a-la-carte teaching to business owners,” Supler said. 

Supler has been doing presentations like this for about a year and a half. She has shared her skills in the Fayette, Greene and Washington counties as well as in the city of Pittsburgh. She has also lent a significant hand to The Court Appointed Special Advocates of Westmoreland County, a non-profit organization, by helping them to receive a grant for marketing wishes.  

“I was able to help distribute their budget and branding concepts more appropriately. We resubmitted the application and so they got all of the funding,” Supler said. “Their social media presence grew, we helped fix the functionality of their website and now they have put together their plan for the next six months of campaign development. It becomes very simplified once you utilize the right steps.”

Supler’s trade took its first steps in a small laundromat in Morgantown, WV which she was quite fond of. She approached the owner to express her appreciation of the business.

“I checked in to tell him how great it was and had a short conversation with the owner who explained how many times he had been through the ringer trying to get his Facebook page where it needs to be,” Supler said. “Conversations like this helped me to expand my business into other avenues.”

Networking allowed Supler to develop a  relationship with several entrepreneurs and businesses looking for the skills and education she could provide. Over time, she was able to methodically hone her craft and maximize the efficiency. She created a form, which will be made available to attendees of her seminar, that walks businesses and individuals through her methodical process of campaign development. 

“It became very clear very quickly that campaign development is something that businesses are lacking,” Supler said. “Putting my form together helped guide my conversations with businesses about campaign development.”

Campaign development was the main topic of discussion in her first seminar that introduced the series in January. Future seminars will cover maximizing tools such as Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn services and website development. More dates and information can be found under the events tab of Soups Marketing’s Facebook page.