Eva K. Bowlby Public Library offering CPR course

The Eva K. Bowlby Public Library will be hosting a First Aid CPR AED course on Saturday, March 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

The price for the course is $89 and covers the cost of the workbook and certification. Payment is due the day of the course and is open to ages 10 and up; however, registration is limited to 12 people.

The course, which is certified through the American Heart Association, teaches students how to deal with several different kinds of injuries and how to prevent them, including how to perform CPR, how to use an AED and how to perform basic first aid. Students who successfully complete the course will earn a two-year certification.

“This class will be CPR for adults, children and pediatrics. We also teach them how to use an AED, and that’s the defibrillator to give the shocks that the person in cardiac arrest needs to hopefully get their heart rhythm back,” said Sharon Baughman, the course instructor. “Included in the class is a first aid class, where we cover medical emergencies, environmental emergencies, we cover poisons and anything that you could think of that would happen.”

This particular course is best for people who are required to have a certification for their job or any other reason or those who have little experience with medical training. The course is also open to anyone who wants to be prepared for situations where the use of CPR, an AED or first aid is necessary. 

Baughman said that the certification is valid in most places.

“The certification is good throughout every state and any country that is international,” she said.

According to the American Heart Association, there are at least 350,000 cardiac arrests that take place outside of hospitals per year. In those cases, 45% of victims survived when a passerby performed CPR. However, only 46% of victims receive CPR immediately after the incident. Cardiac arrests result in around 475,000 fatalities each year.

Baughman said because of that reason she hopes people take the class. 

“People should take the class and learn how to help save a life,” she said.

According to Baughman, attendance in the past has varied.

“You just never know,” she said. “People will sign up and then they don’t show up.”

Those interested in the course can register by calling 724-984-5702.