Historic log cabin being relocated to Mingo Creek Park

The Sumney Log Cabin has begun process of relocation to Mingo Creek County Park. The historic cabin, aged at more than 200 years old, will be rebuilt in the boy scout camping area of the park.

The structure’s new location will be only approximately five miles from where it originally stood, but the process of the demolition is a tedious one, according to Lisa Cessna, the executive director of Washington County Planning Commission.

“Because they want to try and maintain the accuracy of the house, they want to reuse the original wood of the house, but it might not be [structurally sound],” said Cessna. “We want it be historically accurate, but we may have to replace some of the [materials].”

The Sumney log home was built by the Sumney family, when they immigrated to the United States. According to Sandy Mansmann, coordinator of the Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation, the historic cabin is a structure of two cabins that were joined together. The family and cabin also have a history of making pottery.

The cabin and property it is located on is currently owned by the Long family, but they have opted to donate and relocate it, as they are no longer able to maintain and preserve its 200-year-old history.

This isn’t the first time the cabin has been considered for relocation. Several years ago, the cabin was going to be donated and relocated, but funding for the project fell through.

“The family who owns the property the [structure] is on couldn’t continue to maintain it,” said Cessna. “They had been trying to sell or donate for a little while. The home needed a new home itself.”

Jeff Pleta, under contract with Washington County History and Landmarks, was put in charge of the demolition portion of the project. At that point, materials will be transported to the new rebuilding site at Mingo Creek County park.

“The goal is to have the [structure] completely dismantled and transported to [Mingo Creek County Park] by the end of the month,” said Cessna. “The other part [of the goal] is to have all of the materials stored away for the winter by January.”

A time frame for the rebuilding of the historic cabin has not been officially set in motion, because the quality of the materials has not yet been assessed. Once that has occurred, certain materials that need replaced will be updated, and the cabin can start the rebuilding process, after the start of the new year.

After the cabin has been rebuilt in Mingo Creek Park, it will be used as a group and organization meeting building.

“Because the cabin will be located in the Boy Scout camping region of the park, it will be used primarily as a meeting place for them,” said Cessna. “The cabin will not be available to be rented out for [recreational] use by the public though.”