In the news: Three notable headlines

1. Two children shot in elementary school parking lot

Two kids were shot and killed while sitting inside of a van at Searles Elementary School in California early Saturday morning. The kids, ages 11 and 14, were inside of a parked van which is debated by police and school officials whether it was in or near the parking lot of the school. One boy died at the scene while the other boy died en route to the trauma center. The names haven’t been released due to their age, and no arrests have been made.


2. Meth bust of $2 million found in Vegas 

Authorities in the state of Nevada arrested 35-year-old Israel Tellez-Nava of Las Vegas on drug possession charges. He was pulled over at a stoplight along Interstate 40 when authorities saw bags and bundles of drugs in their line of sight. The vehicle was searched, and police located at least 43 pounds of meth– equating to more than $1.9 million. Tellez-Nava is being held on charges of transportation and possession of dangerous drugs under the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department.


3. Bloomberg enters Presidential Race 

Some might say it’s better late than never, but New York mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Sunday that he is entering the 2020 Presidential Race. The 77-year-old stated in March that he didn’t plan to run for the office in the White House. According to Forbes, Bloomberg is the eighth richest man in the United States with an estimated worth of $53.4 billion, and he plans to self-finance his campaign. He’s entering an already crowded field, currently with 18 Democratic candidates according to the New York Times.